3 Useful linkedin tips & tricks for office managers

3 Useful linkedin tips & tricks for office managers

An office without an office manager would be a place of darkness and chaos. Turmoil over tissue boxes, pandemonium at the printers, anarchy in the break room – mass hysteria! So when an office HR team starts looking for that perfect candidate, or you (as an office manager) start reaching out to new vendors for office supplies or possibly a new service/vendor, make sure you – and your LinkedIn profile – are set up to succeed and exude proficiency.

Just thinking of a Monday morning without an office manager really makes us shudder – so without further ado, we present three easy ways an office manager or administrative assistant can spruce up their LinkedIn Profile for all-around success!

1. Your profile photo

LinkedIn Profile Photos

First things first – every single time you look at any social media profile, you look at the photo first. It’s nothing to be ashamed of; everyone does it. A person’s profile photo – even more so than many of the other aspects of a LinkedIn profile – is a true testament of who they are and who they want to be.

So, even though you may think that a photo of you in New Orleans with all the beads really shows who you truly are, maybe go with something a little more conservative and professional. Wear a shirt and tie or a nice blouse, and head to any mall in America (or look to your friends) and get an inexpensive headshot taken. You’ll only need a digital copy for your profile and you’ll have updated one of the most prominent and important features of your LinkedIn profile. An excellent addition to your arsenal of items you’ll need for a career as an office manager.

2. Your bio

This is both the easiest and the hardest part of your profile to update. Just write about yourself in the third person and make sure you use the right keywords (as well as the correct administrative title) so your profile can be found; and do it all in a hundred words for your own personal “elevator pitch.”

See? Easy. Ok – don’t be discouraged.

Writing a bio is easier than you think: just use the rule of 3’s. Everything has a beginning, middle, and end – and so should your bio. With 2 to 3 sentences for each section you can make an introduction, work history, current job, end. Want to look like a real pro? Use the Google Keyword Planner Tool to see how people search most for your job (on Google at least) and make sure you use those words and phrases.

Getting down to busines

3. Your recommendations

This area of your LinkedIn page is a little less about your profile and a little more about how you do your job. If you’re reading this, we can assume you care enough about your career to have some allies in your work history. So get them to write a recommendation! Recommendations on your LinkedIn profile show that you’re trustworthy, decent enough that someone took time out of their day to write about you, and that you may be able to live up to the professional experience displayed on your profile.

And there you are! You got yourself the professional profile photo befitting your status; your bio is short, smart, and to the point; and your recommendations are filled with glowing reviews of your past performances. You’re ready for the LinkedIn Big Leagues now!