4 tips for career growth in the new year

4 tips for career growth in the new year

We’ve counted down and waited for the ball to drop, ready to welcome the new year and newer versions of ourselves. Many of us make a list of New Year’s resolutions we are determined to keep. Do you ever fall short of keeping those promises to better yourselves, because you try to go above and beyond of what your capable of? It happens to a lot of us. It’s important to know your limits and understand that you’re not going to change overnight, especially when it comes to the workplace.

Say you want to be more patient with your coworkers. You want to get things done at a speedier pace, so you don’t feel like you’re the only one at the office until seven. You want this year to be the year you get noticed by your supervisors and given more responsibilities. You’re ready to accomplish so much this year, but you don’t know how to start, or you’re worried that if you do too much too soon you won’t succeed. Here are four tips that can help you choose (and actually accomplish) your work resolutions for this new year.

  1. How to organize an office filing system

    Now’s the time to get organized

    Have you ever wished to be a more buttoned-up, put-together kind of worker? Do you think that this year could be the year to apply an organizational system that can help you and your coworkers get work done more efficiently? Start small! Even starting with the small things, like organizing your desk, creating a new filing system, or establishing a routine can help projects get done on time. Don’t stop at only office organization; becoming more organized digitally as well will help you in the long run. Read your email as it comes in and remove messages that are no longer relevant to what’s coming up at work. Be sure to take the time for deleting old, unnecessary files and creating a document library for everything on your computer. You’ll find things more easily and can respond to more messages on time, because you won’t be hunting for them.

  2. Sticky Notes on Glass

    Push yourself to do more

    Don’t limit yourself to just what’s in your job description. Perhaps you’re at a comfortable point in your job, but don’t let that keep your supervisors from seeing your full potential. For this new year, step up and ask to take on more projects than you’re used to doing. Start small, because if you take on too much all at once, you’re going to feel overwhelmed and that could make it look like you’re not ready. By starting with small projects, your supervisors will see that you can handle more and realize that you’re a worker they can trust to “get it done”. Don’t be afraid of putting yourself out there and taking on more versatile roles in the workplace!

  3. Put the phone down and communicate

    Today, we heavily rely on our technology to communicate with others, and that’s fine. However, one way you can get ahead at work is if you take advantage of the art of communication – verbally! If you take the time to verbally communicate with your supervisors and coworkers, they might just notice that you’re an attentive listener, or that you are well-spoken, or any other benefits related to social interactions. It could even demonstrate that you’re comfortable with public speaking and contributing ideas that others might not have been made aware of. So, step up and engage more! It could be just the step you need to take your career to the next level.

  4. Woman relaxing in the park

    Have a little bit of “you” time

    Arranging time for yourself can be just as important as setting time aside for your work. If you’re constantly coming into work exhausted and frazzled, you’re not going to be doing anyone any favors! Not only will you not get less done, you’ll be exposing that negative energy to your coworkers. First, take time to create boundaries and to leave work on time. When you get home, be sure you leave your work at work. If you don’t get at least seven hours of sleep at night, it’s time to start getting into the habit of going to bed early. The more you establish a healthy every day routine, you’ll notice a change in your mood and how much work you get done. Don’t forget, you also have vacation days to use – so use them!


If you think that your work resolutions are just for work, think again. When you sit down and tackle each of your new workplace resolutions one-by-one, you’ll realize that they can become your personal resolutions! Just remember to take it easy as it takes time for new habits to settle in. After a while of adjusting to these new changes, you’ll see how you’re improving as an employee and a person. Good luck!