5 steps to creating emails that can’t be ignored

5 steps to creating emails that can’t be ignored

While the world is fascinated with social media—and rightfully so—email marketing is still a dominant force. Far from being old school or passé, email marketing allows companies to send one message to hundreds, thousands or sometimes millions of people. Travelzoo, for example, sends 28 million emails every Wednesday. Studies have shown that this approach is 40 times more effective at acquiring customers than social media sites like Facebook and Twitter.

With 91 percent of consumers in the United States using email daily, setting up a successful email marketing campaign is crucial to success, whether you are a small business, non-profit or Fortune 500 company. Make your marketing campaign easier on yourself and your marketing team by following these five tips.

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  1. Humanize

Marketing campaign emails often get deleted simply because people view them as spam. Making sure emails are human can help with click-through rates and open rates. One way to do this is to include personalized content such as a name or location. Emails that contain personalized content improve click-through rates by 14 percent.

A simple way to come off as more human is by sending a welcome email. This starts an instant relationship with the customer and can lead to a 33 percent more long-term brand engagement.

Example: Hi Kim, We hope you are surviving the record heat in Chicago this month. At least the Cubs are hot on the baseball diamond!

Hi Sam, Welcome to our community! Thanks for signing up to stay updated with our company. We look forward to connecting with you. Rock On.

  1. Have A Killer Subject Line

80 percent of an email’s success is based off the subject line. Make sure your email has an exciting, powerful and interesting subject line. Think about the emails you receive on a daily basis. Which ones do you automatically delete because they don’t seem of interest to you?

Here are some tips for making a great subject line:

  • Call to action — Encourage your subscribers to do something with a call to action subject line such as, “Read today’s top stories” or “Shop now.”
  • Ask a question — Ask a question that will entice your readers to open the email and see the answer.

Example: Time to chat on Friday July 1st?

  • Keep it short — Emails with a subject line of fewer than 50 characters outperform those longer subject lines. The recommended character count is 28-39 characters.

Example: Quick Question About Your Holiday Sweater

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  1. Know the Spam Rules

Following the rules of email marketing from the beginning will make your campaign much easier. Understanding the spam laws for your country is important to your brand and to your customers. A few laws that apply to multiple countries are:

  • Only send emails to addresses that you have permission to email
    • Do not buy or sell email addresses
    • Do not send emails to unsubscribed addresses
    • It must be easy to unsubscribe
  1. Content, Content, Content

Creating content for your email marketing may not always be easy. Knowing what content to include can make it easier. Here are some ways to create great content:

  • Understand your audience — Know what your audience wants and how to relieve their pain points.
  • Share relevant content — Knowing your audience leads to understanding what kind of information they want to read. Sharing relevant emails drives 18 times more content revenue than broadcast emails.
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  1. Repurpose

Many companies find it beneficial to repurpose content. Taking pieces from company webinars, podcasts, eBooks or whitepapers and turning them into a series of emails or infographics can make it easier on your marketing team to create content. When repurposing content, be sure it is relevant, valuable and timely for your audience.

Get Your Groove On

Create a lasting engagement with your customer base by strategically using email marketing. Remember to keep emails human, personalized and relevant to your audience. Track success to monitor what emails you should continue to send and what emails you should drop. Join the 82 percent of companies using email marketing to gain up to 70.5 percent higher open rates and 152 percent higher click-through rates.


How do you make your email marketing campaigns stand out? Share in the comments!