6 Tips to Improve Self-Confidence

6 Tips to Improve Self-Confidence

When you improve self-confidence, you perform better, communicate better with others, and can achieve goals faster. Confidence is also related to higher levels of productivity and happiness and can result in less stress and anxiety. The good news is that there are many ways to help boost self-confidence in both your personal and professional life.

1. Focus on positivity

Stop focusing on negative problems and emphasize the good. Make positive changes and find solutions instead of weighing in on the negative. Also, evaluate your circle of friends and move away from those who tend to put you down, and instead consider hanging around outgoing co-workers, family, and friends who are uplifting. Positivity is one way to boost confidence.

2. Set challenges to build self-confidence

Overcome insecurities by meeting them head-on. Set challenges regularly and work hard to meet and overcome them. Doing something new daily or at least often, helps an individual gain confidence and make it easier to get out of the comfort zone. For example, learn a computer software program or fresh skill, set up a blog, or make a point to talk to unknown people. Provide compliments and rewards for the smallest of successes, to help silence the inner critic.

3. Create a list of strengths and talents

Sometimes it takes reminders to highlight the good qualities. Use a notepad to make a list of unique characteristics, talents, and accomplishments to help show worth. Include a list of items to be thankful for. Post the list in a prominent location such as the refrigerator, a bulletin board at work, or post it by the bathroom mirror where it is easily seen.

4. Take time for exercise and self-care

Confidence often goes hand-in-hand with physical and emotional health, appearance, energy levels, and self-love. Take time each day to cultivate an exercise routine. Track daily health and wellness with a fitness tracker that also monitors sleep patterns and calories to ensure you meet physical activity goals. Just a brisk walk at least three times a week can be enough to foster good moods. Make meals special by putting away electronics, turn off the TV, light a candle, and choose a healthy and balanced diet instead of fast food. Also, wear clean clothes that are in good condition. Simple grooming habits can make anyone feel better about themselves.

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5. Help others

Make a difference in someone else’s life by volunteering for a charity, be a mentor for a child, or take time to teach someone something new. Focusing on others helps you forget about yourself and makes it possible to be grateful for what you have.

6. Shift to an equal mentality

Boost your self-esteem with an equal mentality. Instead of comparing your achievements and successes with others, take the attitude that no one is better than the other. Mentally seeing everyone as equals helps improve self-confidence.

Self-confidence is a feeling of self-trust in your own abilities and qualities. As long as you focus on moving forward and learning how to be the best you can be, it’s possible to build self-confidence to feel secure and worthwhile in both work and personal life. Quill has a variety of tools that can help on the path to self-confidence.