6 Ways to find virtual assistant work

6 Ways to find virtual assistant work

There are many freelance opportunities that you can do from home. Small business owners are looking for “virtual assistants” who can competently do anything from administrative work and email management, to graphic design and social media management. You can utilize your current skills to help small business owners, online entrepreneurs, or even companies in your own community to get tasks done efficiently.

  1. Craigslist

    Use keyword “remote” or “from home” in your job search. You can also look under the “Gigs” section and use keywords: “admin,” “writing,” even “newsletter” or “flyers,” depending on your specific skill set.

    When looking for virtual assistant work, it is important to be able to identify scams or people just fishing for personal information. When looking through Craigslist, never give out your name, email address, or personal information until you know that they are a legitimate company. Before responding to an ad, briefly research the company on Google.  If a company name is not listed in the ad, reach out to ask more questions via the anonymous Craigslist email reply. Otherwise, just move on.

  2. Facebook

    Virtual assistant Facebook groups such as Virtual Assistant Tribe Job Board, is a closed group geared toward entrepreneurs in need of virtual assistants. Entrepreneurs post job requirements to this group. Ask to join by answering the required questions on the join request. Once approved, you’ll be ready to respond to job ads! Virtual Assistant Savvies is another great group where fellow “VA’s” share opportunities with each other. It’s a good place to network, ask questions, and learn tips about working as a virtual assistant.

  3. Your current network of businesses (or mom and pop shops) in your local community

    You may already have relationships with your local pet store, or flower shop, for example. They may be short-handed during their busy season and would love someone to reply to their emails or take messages, dispatch their drivers, or to create a flyer and post it on social media and monitor the responses for them. Just make sure you explain that you are a freelancer who will work remotely. Once you do get the job, make sure you keep open communication with your clients.

  4. Search continuously

    When I first started, the best way for me to obtain remote work was to search continuously and to send a “pitch” (a few paragraphs of why I was the best person for the job) along with my resume.

  5. Keep a positive attitude

    Keep a positive mindset, follow up, and ASK for the job. Don’t be hesitant to get creative with your freelance ideas and think outside the box. If freelance work doesn’t come quickly and easily for you, don’t give up. If you persevere, success will come!

  6. Referrals

    If you do a fine job, referrals are a wonderful way to get more work. Lots of remote work opportunities have developed for me from referrals. Happy clients were willing to provide a positive written review or ongoing work.