7 Questions to Ask at a Job Interview

7 Questions to Ask at a Job Interview

Interviewing a potential applicant for a position within the company may sound like an easy task, but the right questions can help tell a lot about a person’s values, work ethic, and how they will work under pressure. Consider adding some of these questions to ask at a job interview to make it easier to choose the right applicant for the position.

1. What interested you most about this position?

Find out if the applicant did their homework by asking this simple question. The answer should explain why they want this particular position and not just about why they want to work.

2. Define a time when you had to overcome a major work obstacle and explain how you handled the situation

This question provides a variety of insights into a potential applicant. It helps identify what the person sees as obstacles. It also gives a view of past performance and any problem-solving skills the individual has.

3. What are your salary requirements?

Money is an important issue for both the applicant and the company. Ask early into the interview to see if the money being offered for the position is within the range of the candidate’s required salary and if they expect bonus items such as office computers for working at home. This is one question to ask at a job interview that tends to weed out many potential employees.

4. What is one professional achievement you are most proud of?

Candidates show up at interviews ready to impress. Whether it’s a degree or certification, awards and trophies, or accolades from a prior project, knowing what the candidate is most proud of makes it easier to see where their strengths lie.

5. Describe your ideal work environment

Every company has a culture whether it’s a laid-back atmosphere with an open-concept design and comfortable chairs and seating or a more reserved atmosphere where staff wear suits and ties daily. Letting the applicant describe their ideal work environment helps you see if they would fit into the company culture.

6. Why are you leaving your current employer?

This question makes any applicant a little tense. Identify red flags by noting someone who complains endlessly about their previous employer. In this instance, it’s a good idea to check their past work history and follow up to see what the current boss has to say.

7. What are the first things you will do on the job if hired?

This is another question that gives the candidate a chance to shine. If the individual did their homework, they should be able to describe what they hope to accomplish during the first few days at work. It also helps get an understanding of the person’s top priorities and if they align with the company’s goals.

As an employer, your main objective during the job interview process is to get to know the applicant and to determine whether they are competent enough to do the tasks at hand. Tough questions to ask at a job interview, the ones that make a person think, are the best at digging into deeper discussions with the candidate.

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