How to make a good first impression on your first day of work

How to make a good first impression on your first day of work

Knowing how to make a good first impression on the job is important. It’s helps you fit in and gain immediate respect with both management and co-workers. Initial reactions from others can affect your career and any success with the organization. Because no one gets additional chances to make a good first impression, it’s important to prepare for the first day to ensure it’s a success.

Coming prepared for the first day of work

Aside from punctuality, coming prepared for a day’s work is one of the most important things a new employee can do. While most companies offer supplies like notebooks and writing instruments, it may be up to the individual to get personalized or more costly items like fountain pens. The first few days require excellent organizational and time management skills. Items like calendars and planners make it possible to track meetings and stay on top of goals and conferences. Note any additional items needed to complete the job efficiently whether you need to wear a watch to keep track of time or bring headphones to reduce background noises to stay productive.

Project self-confidence on the job

Self-confidence is something co-workers and management notice in a new worker. Dress to impress by choosing a professional outfit that matches the company culture. Show up for work with a smile and offer a firm handshake to show self-confidence. Body language and posture also help project confidence to both superiors and fellow workers. Choose an office chair with excellent support that allows you to sit upright, or opt for a standing desk that makes it easier to greet individuals who stop by to introduce themselves. Feeling confident makes it easier to meet new people and helps make others feel more at ease. It’s also important to greet co-workers and managers by name on the first day. This shows initiative and makes others take note. Use a memo pad or sticky notes to write the names of important individuals within the company and keep it on hand throughout the day.

Maintaining a positive attitude at work

The pressures and stress of a new job can take over the general mood of a workplace. It’s important to stay positive and handle new projects and responsibilities with a calm demeanor. Use highlighters in a calendar or planner to help tackle one task at a time to reduce stress and be sure to listen and pay attention to others to ensure you absorb important information. Listening provides an excellent way to establish and maintain new relationships at work. Also, be respectful of other’s opinions and try to focus on positives.

Make the first day on the job a positive experience by making a good impression with co-workers and management. A firm handshake, warm smile, and any personal office supplies  that you need make the day go by quickly and with success.