Five “work from home” business ideas

Five “work from home” business ideas

The internet has made the idea of working from home a reality for many people. With an essentially level playing field for anyone with a passion for their profession and the skills to perform well, starting a small home business is possible for busy moms, stay at home dads, or anyone with the drive to succeed (and a bit of an idea about what it takes to work at home).

First you need an idea – and not some eureka idea for the next best mouse trap. What you need is an idea of what you can perform in the time you have in your day. You might already be working part time or may have other responsibilities you need to deal with – that’s what life is – but these ideas are great starting points to get you on the road to making your work from home business ideas a reality.

Virtual Assistant

One flexible telecommuting position that can be both profitable and enjoyable is to become a virtual assistant. The position enables you to work from your home computer, chat with generally affable people (depending on who you’re assisting!), and gain valuable soft skills vital for the workplace. Depending on your knowledge base, you can offer services such as marketing, administrative, or technical support for a host of different businesses and industries – and not just during the 9-5 hours! Businesses all over the country (and even the world) need these important services to help their business run smoothly and efficiently at all hours of the day.

Create a home based bakery or food business

This one pretty much requires a skill set based on the ability to actually bake or cook – which immediately counts some of us out. Where some might excel at a burned toast business, if you have the ability to bake great cupcakes, make a mean chocolate chip cookie, or recreate your grandma’s tomato sauce recipe – then you’ve got your small business idea right there. However, that’s only the first step. If want to really get serious about selling your Aunt Josie’s famous meatballs, you need more than just a recipe. You need to start planning your budget to make sure you have enough money not only for the resources you need for your macaroons, but for the means to sell them too.

Sell Your Goods

Creating an online marketplace is a great way to clear clutter from your house (if you’ve still got Beanie Babies, Tamagotchies, or little glass sad clowns; we’re looking at you.) There is a market for nearly everything on eBay and other auction and sales sites that will enable you to buy, sell, and trade goods and services from the comfort of your own home.


Every business can use the consultation services of one who has the knowledge that comes with experience. If you spent a few years as a web designer before taking some time to be at home with the kids, you can offer your services to small businesses who can use your expertise. Have you been around the business block but don’t necessarily care for corporate hours? A weekly status meeting offering your knowledge can help a fledgling business get off the ground and lets you set the price for your time.

Transcription Services

If you can use a computer (you are reading this article) you can perform the basic tasks of a transcription writer. You just need to find out what it takes to get certified (there are some simple online courses that can get you started) and you’re on your way. This is another one of those work from home business ideas that gets thrown around a lot – but this is a legitimate position that can let you work from home, on your hours, and using skills you already have.

I hope some of these help you on your way to creating a great home business idea. It’s a lot of hard work but can be incredibly rewarding. See you on the Shark Tank!