Dealing With Customers Who Won’t Follow Safety Rules

Dealing With Customers Who Won’t Follow Safety Rules

There are a multitude of new guidelines to follow, such as wearing face masks, encouraging social distancing and good hand hygiene, for businesses to reopen safely and remain open in the wake of the global pandemic that has affected the world in 2020. You’ve made changes to your establishment and implemented COVID solutions to minimize the chances of staff and customers to contract illnesses. The next step is educating employees on the new guidelines and find ways to handle customers who cannot comply with the new policies for medical reasons or who blatantly refuse to follow the rules. 

Keep employees updated on prevention protocols 

As an entrepreneur or member of management, the next step is educating employees on the new health and safety protocols. Host an employee meeting during nonworking hours to ensure all staff members are available. Provide handouts about new policies and place them in visible areas throughout the business for employees and patrons to see. Discuss potential actions to take if customers refuse to follow the updated safety policy by doing things like not wearing a face mask. Designate a few employees to handle customers who refuse to follow protocol when management isn’t available. Instruct them on ways to deal with non-compliant customers, even if it means escorting them from the establishment until they choose to comply. Make sure everyone is on the same page by doing a mock opening. This way, they all get experience enforcing the new health and safety protocols. 

Remind patrons why face masks are necessary 

Prominently display messages reminding those entering to put on their face mask and maintain social distancing while in the facility. There are a variety of safety signs and posters to display near the entrance and throughout the business. Employees who see patrons entering the establishment should offer them a friendly reminder that they should be wearing a face mask to protect customers and themselves from airborne diseases like COVID. If customers still don’t get the picture, show them one of the signs to point out the benefits of wearing facial coverings. For patrons who don’t have a face covering, offer them a disposable one. Take this chance to show your customers how you support them during these trying times and offer them a mask with your business logo and a brief message.  

Provide options for customers unable to wear face masks 

When customers can’t adhere to the safety policy for disease prevention due to health issues, seek ways to accommodate them to show your appreciation and understanding. No-contact curbside service or home delivery is an option for businesses selling groceries, prepared foods, and other tangible goods. Accommodate customers with medical conditions that prevent them from donning face masks by making services available virtually or over the phone. 

When patrons refuse to follow prevention measures 

Sometimes, customers won’t adhere to thise new health and safety policy even after staff members have advised them of their importance. Politely inform the customer that they’ll need to leave until they comply with the new prevention protocols. Let them know about virtual or contact-free ways they can still take advantage of your goods and services without sacrificing the health and safety of the business. If the customer still will not adhere to your policy & refuses to leave, you may consider contacting your local authorities for assistance.  

Face masks and social distancing are two of the best tools to mitigate the spread of airborne diseases like coronavirus. As a business owner or manager, it falls to you to enforce your business’s safety guidelines. Regardless of how hard you try, there’s bound to be some who refuse to comply with the “new norm” and don a protective facial covering. Training yourself and your employees on how deal with these types of situations in advance is the best way to ensure they end amicably.   

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