How to Update Your Restroom Post-COVID

How to Update Your Restroom Post-COVID

With restrictions slowly starting to relax in many areas, businesses worldwide are wondering how to reopen in the safest way possible. High-trafficked areas with many frequently touched points like restrooms are obviously in the spotlight. This short guide explains how to update your restroom post-COVID to make your workplace safer for both employees and guests.

Make your restroom touch-free

Are you wondering how to upgrade your bathroom to make it safer in the post-COVID era? Modern technology can help you make your business’ restroom more sanitary. Install touch-free flush valves, soap dispensers, and faucets to reduce the amount of work to disinfect all frequently touched areas while still providing a safe restroom experience to employees and patrons. The doors of multi-stall restrooms should be touch-free, maybe with arm or foot-style door openers. Self-opening trash cans are a smart solution to reduce touch points and make your janitorial staff’s work easier.

Also, disconnect hand dryers and provide paper towels, in a touch-free dispenser if possible. Inform employees with signage that they must not use air hand dryers. Make sure to have multiple paper towel stations to prevent one single area from getting too crowded. For toilet paper, consider installing a touch-free dispenser, which cuts the paper automatically to prevent contamination. Lastly, don’t forget to add a touch-free hand sanitizer dispenser.

Add signage to encourage social distancing and hand hygiene practices

The best way to inform employees about your social distancing and hand sanitizing policies and to create a solid prevention culture at the company is by placing social distancing bathroom signs in a well-visible location. You can use simple Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA)-compliant signs that inform employees that they must wash their hands thoroughly before going back to work, or hang complex and colorful signage that explains all the steps to clean hands correctly. If your staff is multi-ethnic, or your business has patrons of different ethnicities, consider adding a bilingual sign so that everyone can understand your message.

Provide plenty of disinfectants to your janitorial staff, and set a sanitizing schedule

Disinfection of all common areas, including restrooms, is a crucial step to prepare your business for reopening during the pandemic. If your company used to have enough cleaning supplies for a couple of weeks, it’s the time to stock up on more. Ideally, you should always have enough disinfectants for a couple of months. Make sure that you buy United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)-registered disinfectant products that meet the criteria for use against COVID-19.

Train your janitorial staff to use these disinfectants properly, including following the instructions on the label for correct contact time. If you have a single restroom for your employees, consider providing a key to the employees so that you can manage disinfection operations more efficiently — the janitorial staff will sanitize each time an employee returns the key. Also, don’t forget to inform the employees who handle disinfectants about the hazards connected to the product itself.

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Are you ready to purchase new touch-free bathroom accessories for your business? These three tips will help you make a post-COVID restroom that is safe for your employees and guests to use. Refer to this article for even more tips and touchless products.