Guidelines and FAQ

So, you want to be a community writer for Quill Blog. That’s great! We want you to be able to easily submit your topics and drafts. So to avoid confusion, here’s an overview of how the process works.

  1. First, you’ll create a profile. This way, when you log in, you can easily access everything you’ve submitted. From here you can also add a profile picture and create or edit your public community writer page.
  2. Once you’ve created a profile, you can start submitting your amazing Quill Cafe topic ideas. You’ll do this under the Topics tab, located on the left menu in your profile. To submit an idea, click on “Add new topic.”
  3. When adding a new topic, please give the topic a title and give us a basic summary or outline on how you plan on writing your piece. Once you’ve got your title and summary/outline, click submit.
  4. Once you submit a topic, it will show up in your profile under the Topics tab below the “Submitted topics” section. Your topic will either be Accepted, Rejected or Pending. Pending topics have not yet been reviewed by the editor.
  5. If your topic is accepted, then you can write your first draft. When you have finished that, submit it to the editor for review. Please allow between 3 – 5 business days for your first draft to be reviewed.
  6. The editorial team will either accept or reject your initial draft. Or, one of our editors may make some suggestions on your first draft, or ask you to change specific things about it.
  7. If you’re asked to make edits/changes to your first draft, you can do so, and then submit your second draft for review. In most circumstances, we will want the tutorial to be complete and error-free by the second draft.
  8. If your second draft is accepted, excellent! That means we will send it to our production team so that they can create an image for it and code it properly before publishing it. If your second draft is rejected, you will probably be asked to start over and submit a new topic.
  9. Once you have submitted a successful final draft, we will put in the request for your compensation. Contributing writers are paid through PayPal, and given the bounty assigned to the article based on word count or other factors. Please allow 3 – 5 business days for your compensation to post to your PayPal account.
  10. Once our production team has finished your article, we will publish it on Quill Blog. As soon as it goes live, we will notify you so that you can share the article with family, friends and coworkers. Your article will also be added to your public profile page.

We want to deliver content to our customers that is topical, timely and relevant. Our article cover a wide range of challenges faced by people in the workplace, and we want to continue to give our readers information they can use.

  • Authenticity. You should have a genuine understanding of the issue and be able to provide a detailed explanation on how to tackle it.
  • Clear instructions. Make sure you walk the reader through each step of the resolution – feel free to include screen shots, images or applicable links.
  • Clarity. Your piece should teach an inexperienced person to perform a task so there is little to no room for error.
  • Product inclusion. If your tutorial includes the use of a Quill product, great! We can provide a direct link to the item you mention.
  • Plagiarism. We run your articles though a plagiarism checker, so please don’t steal other people’s work.
  • Unnecessarily long tutorials. Don’t add content just to increase your word count. Include crucial information edit out superfluous language.
  • Fabricated experiences. If you haven’t trudged through the issue personally and solved it, the tutorial won’t sound genuine and probably won’t be helpful.
  • Overly complicated language. We want to provide our customers with a valuable resource. Tutorials should be easy to read and comprehend.
  • Does your topic directly address an issue or challenge faced by office workers?
  • Does your professional background and experience signal credibility on the proposed topic?
  • Would office workers or other people search for an answer to this topic on Google?
  • Is your topic too simple for an entire tutorial?
  • Is your topic too complicated to describe in a tutorial or for us to believe in its accuracy?
  • Could following the advice in your topic or tutorial potentially cause someone harm?
  • Has this topic (or something very similar) already been covered on Quill Blog?
  • Has this topic already been covered extensively online?

Do I have to claim my community writer earnings on my taxes?

  • Maybe. If you make $400 or more writing for Quill Cafe exclusively or combined with other freelance projects, then you need to claim that income on your taxes.

Can I edit my profile after I’ve created it?

  • Yes! You can make edits to your public profile or your profile picture at any time. However, each time you make a change, it will have to be approved by the editor before it goes live.

Is there a limit to how many topics I can submit or the number of tutorials I can write for Quill Blog?

  • Currently, we do not have a limit on topics or articles that our community writers can submit or create. Depending on the amount of submissions that we receive and the number of consistent community writers we have, that could change in the future.

Can writers from outside of the USA contribute articles to the Quill Blog?

  • Our goal is to publish advice and information contributed by Quill customers. As Quill distributes its products only in the USA and its territories (Guam, Puerto Rico, etc.), we currently only accept blog content from writers who live in the United States of America or its territories.