5 Healthy Snacks to Get You Through the Afternoon Lull

5 Healthy Snacks to Get You Through the Afternoon Lull

The clock’s about to hit 3pm, and you’re ready to call it a day. Unfortunately for you, you still have a few more hours to go. You decide it’s time for a sweet little pick-me-up that will get your mind moving. You figure a grabbing a handful of that candy and having that third cup of coffee isn’t going to hurt anyone. That’s where you’re wrong! Sugar and over-caffeinating aren’t going to give you the energy you need to meet that deadline- they’ll more than likely make you crash. Here’s 5 healthier options to reach for when that afternoon lull kicks in.

  1. Opt for some fruit

    We’re not talking about just choosing an apple. If you’re someone who isn’t fond of eating fruit plain, consider pairing it with some granola or a nut mix to give it a little boost. Not only will you be getting the protein you need to have the energy to blast through your work, but it’s easy and quick enough to prepare that you won’t be taking any time out of your day.

    Fruit Bowl
  2. Go nuts!

    If you happen to prefer even simpler snacks, a handful of nuts might be the perfect choice. Don’t make it too complicated either; did you know that eating nuts sprinkled with sugar or dipped in chocolate takes away the benefits of nuts? Unnecessary additions to the natural goodness of nuts! This heart healthy snack is perfect when you’re about to jump into a meeting or when you need a break from staring at your desk. So, instead of grabbing that handful of candy, you can have yourself a handful of nuts.

    Almonds in A Bowl
  3. Have a protein bar instead

    Just because it says it has peanuts in it, doesn’t make that chocolate bar any healthier for you! Okay, so a protein bar might not sound as tasty as a chocolate bar, but hear us out. The options are limitless, ranging from oatmeal raisin to coconut pecan to dark chocolate and sea salt. It’s a convenient snack for when you’re always on the go, and it has the right amount of fiber and protein to help keep you full for hours. However, remember that not all protein bars are created equal. In fact, if you get a protein bar drizzled in chocolate and full of sugar then you might as well eat that chocolate bar. Read the labels, and find one that works for you!

    Protein Bars
  4. Yogurt, anyone?

    Did you use to have yogurt when you were younger, but now you’ve abandoned it? It’s a great snack add back into rotation, as it’s perfect for when there’s no time for anything else. If you’re really in the mood to be adventurous, you could try protein-heavy Greek yogurt that’s pre-made with fruity goodness in it! It’ll give you that sweet flavor you’re craving for during your day without it adding inches to your waist. As an added bonus, yogurt is a great source for your daily calcium intake, as well as a probiotic for better digestive health.

  5. Can’t go wrong with a smoothie

    Coffee and soda: what do these drinks have in common? Sure, they’re delicious and give you energy, but they can also make you sluggish because you’ll crash from your caffeine or sugar high. If you want to cut back on your coffee/soda drinking, but you’re not a fan of drinking plain water, then treating yourself to a fruit smoothie might be the next best thing. Gathering your favorite fruits together and choosing your preference of milk or juice to partner with will have you wanting to make more. There are so many fruit combinations you can put to the test that it’ll surely help you fight those coffee cravings in the long run.

    Banana smoothie
  6. You don’t have to change your snack routine entirely. However, swapping out a few of those unhealthy snacks will benefit you in the long run. You’ll notice you’ll have more energy and your cravings will change to healthier ones. You may even notice that you’re performing your job better! Even a small change can make a big difference.

We’d love to hear from you. What are your go-to healthy snacks that get you through an afternoon lull?