5 Independence Day activity and game ideas

5 Independence Day activity and game ideas

Fourth of July celebrations are an excellent time to bring your office team together for fun activities. This year, the 4th of July falls on a Wednesday, so many folks will likely only get the one day off of work, rather than a long weekend. So to make this mid-week holiday eventful for everyone in the office, get creative and put together a Fourth of July office celebration to remember.

Secure the venue

First, you’ll need to do some preparation to secure the date, time and location. Work with your bosses to see if you can block out time in the afternoon on July 3rd. Then start to secure a location for a picnic-themed office party. If you live near open fields or community parks, you might need to secure a permit to hold a gathering. Otherwise, maybe even use one of your colleague’s home backyards to hold the party.

Don’t stress too much on the location, unless your office is keen to play an epic dodge ball event. In that case, you might need a local ball field to hold your party. Also, keep a backup indoor location in mind to counter the possibility of rain or other types of bad weather (like extreme heat, depending on where you live in the US).

Once you’ve nailed down the time, location, permits and permissions, then it’s time to get creative! We canvassed a few of our local workers and came up with a grab bag of ideas to promote 4th of July fun, friendship and team-building.

  1. Company picnic lunch

    Your team might have the budget to be able to send a food truck to your event, or host a catered lunch at a local outdoor park. But if not, rally your troops to bring in great summer food to share with others. You’ll be amazed to see what kinds of delicious food items your team is into and can prepare for the staff. Cooking together, especially outdoors on a summer day, is a great bonding activity! Remember, you can always order extra disposable cups and plates right here at Quill.com. If you’re having your potluck company lunch outdoors, check the availability of open-grill cooking to satisfy the carnivores in your group. And don’t forget to come equipped with outdoor games for teams to play. Getting your colleagues to play Bocce ball or horseshoe pitching helps to form better relationships.

  2. Take the team out to a baseball game

    What’s more American than baseball with colleagues? Set up a day or night at the ballpark before the holiday! Do you live in a city with a local major or minor league baseball team? If so, check the schedule for a game on July 2nd or 3rd. Pick up some group discount tickets for that game, and arrange for transportation for your group to and from the office. Pro tip – minor league games are often less costly for tickets and food.

  3. Community service to veterans

    Maybe your office team is less inclined to party it up to celebrate the 4th, and more apt to do good and serve your local community. If so, reach out to your local veterans chapter and offer to help out during the Fourth of July week. Maybe the grounds could use some fixing up, or a new paint job is needed inside the building structure. Coordinate with a veterans group to volunteer or donate needed items to the veterans’ organizations near your office. Giving of your time and energy to help those who have served our country may be the most patriotic gesture you can make this 4th of July holiday!

  4. American Independence Day variety show

    Take the idea of an office talent show, throw in a spin of U.S. patriotism and history into the required content mix, and see what your fellow team members can come up with for fun and entertainment! Your colleagues could sing rousing patriotic anthems in costume, render a dramatic reading of an Independence-themed document, or humorously recreate the signing of the Declaration of Independence. (“Did you bring a quill pen?” “Why, yes, Mr. Adams, I have one right here!”) Perhaps a group of your colleagues could preform a musical recreation of the popular fife and drum music from the Revolutionary War era. Above all, make it fun!

  5. Red, white and blue day

    Dressing up at work is an original, inexpensive way to foster creativity among your staff and help bring people closer together. Ask your staff to dress in the colors of the American flag (stars welcome!), and offer prizes for the most patriotic or most creative Independence Day outfit. You’ll likely see the most inventive Uncle Sam, Betsy Ross or Ben Franklin outfits!

Shorter Independence Day office celebration ideas

If those 5 big Fourth of July party themes don’t work for your group, or a day off work just won’t work in your industry, don’t fret. Try some of these smaller, but no less essential July 4th party ideas, in your office that week.

  1. 13 Colonies map quiz

    Divide the office into small groups. Give each group a map of the 13 colonies without the names. The first team to correctly fill in the map, wins. If you have more time, (like lunch), name all 50 states.

  2. U.S. Presidents quiz

    Name all the United States presidents, from 1 to 45, in order. No Google help! Or conversely, try this presidential trivia question list to check your colleagues’ knowledge of the highest office in the land.

  3. Fireworks fun

    If your day before the 4th of July office event goes into nighttime, consider buying some sparklers and fireworks for your team to take pictures and share on social media. They will be fun for your colleagues and show the spirit of the company!