5 killer workouts to do on your lunch break

5 killer workouts to do on your lunch break

I’m a morning person and, when I can get my workouts done before the beginning of the work day, I find that it makes a big difference in my energy level once I do head to the office. It also prevents any last-minute meetings or tasks from derailing my plans for a sweatfest later in the day. But it’s not always possible to schedule a session because, like many of you, I have kids, which means my evenings are taken up with soccer practice, dance class, dinner, bathtime and if I’m lucky…a glass of red wine!

If the mornings aren’t always an option and the evenings are just too busy…that leaves lunchtime! And truly, whether you have 6 minutes of 60, and whether you work in a cubicle or a spacious corner office, you can find a workout that raises your heart rate, strengthens your muscles and as a bonus: gives you a nice shot of adrenaline for the afternoon slump…

  1. Do-Anywhere Bodyweight Circuit

    Lunchbreak workouts Source: Popsugar.com

    Even when I’m in a gym surrounded by weights and exercise equipment, I tend to choose bodyweight workouts. Don’t be fooled -these are tough!

    This one features three three-move circuits (say that three times fast!) and the only thing you might want to have in your office is a yoga mat. And a sports drink ready to chug after you’re done!

  2. Spell Your Name Workout

    This one is mean. And if you really want to have fun, grab a few colleagues and make this workout even more intense by having everyone take part in every name!

    For K.A.T.Y, I would have to do 10 push-ups, 50 jumping jacks, 15 squats and 10 crunches. Three times through and I would probably be ready for a nap at my desk! Or if I wanted to mix it up and push the limits, I could do my first and last name.

    You may find that having a set of yoga blocks near your desk helps if any of these moves require flexibility that you don’t (yet) have. If you’re trying to reach to the ground or touch your toes, the block decreases the distance you have to travel!

  3. Five-Ten-Fifteen Workout

    Five push-ups. Ten crunches. Fifteen squats. Rest. Five lunges. Ten reverse crunches. Fifteen second plank. Rest. REPEAT. Times five.

    Tired yet? What I really love about this is that you can do it even in a tiny space, without making any noise (other than grunts).

  4. The Ultimate 10 Minute Office Workout

    Quick workouts for munch break via Glamour.com

    This workout is designed for you to do using your basic office chair, but I think you’d find it even more effective if you used an exercise ball (like this one). And while these workouts are short enough that you should be able to complete them in one lunch break, you could easily split up the moves through the day, and then by the time you clock out, you’ll have it checked off your to-do list!

  5. Mini Band Full Body Workout

    Resistance bands are amazing tools for working out, especially because they can fit right in your drawer, purse or pocket! Take them out when you have 15 minutes free and follow these six moves. The bands can easily adjust to make your workout more or less intense and, if you do these workouts, you will likely still have time for an actual lunch during your lunch break (just make sure you keep some hand sanitizer close by since you will have been touching the ground for some of the exercises).

How long is your typical lunch break?

I’d love to know more about the challenges you face when fitting in fitness, so I can suggest some other fun (and functional) options.