5 ways to improve your mental outlook at work

5 ways to improve your mental outlook at work

Regardless of how optimistic we are, there are moments when positivity seems to evaporate from our world.  Negative behaviors and attitudes can creep in at any time. So how can we manage negative feelings while elevating our self-worth?  Constructing ourselves in ways that improve our mental outlook and favor a healthy self-esteem is key for professional development. When we feel good about the work we produce, we’re more likely to be excited about our professional path and we’re less likely to stress about commutes, meetings, or deadlines. The benefits abound, so why not add positivity to your daily routine?

  1. Change schedules and agendas

    Routine is often what makes the work week drag on forever. However, if you can change small details in your work week, then you’ll alter your outlook. Start by moving your lunch hour, taking breaks at different times, trying a new coffee spot, inviting a new coworker to lunch, starting work an hour earlier, or changing your commute route. You have the potential to make each day or week feel different. Experiment and see what works for you. Perhaps try themed weeks or months in order to have something to look forward to or focus on.

  2. Affirmations

    Daily affirmations play a huge role in how we construct our identities. Successful people talk about affirmations as the key to unlocking their ultimate purpose. By including affirmations in your daily routine, you propel yourself towards a better self. Calendars now include daily quotes or mantras. Affirmations increase in potency if written rather than thought about. Write affirmations over coffee or tea and really let them sink into your body. Then hit the workload again with a renewed outlook.

  3. Mirror talk

    Talking to yourself in the mirror at work might feel strange, but try to steal away a few seconds to practice positive mirror talk. Give yourself a pep talk, heartfelt compliment, or genuine smile. You’ll begin to feel comfortable in your own skin and accept yourself as you are.  Even self-talk is a potent method for gaining self-esteem and insight.

  4. Meditation

    Don’t underestimate the power a few minutes can make. Meditation is mindfulness during a busy day; it’s stillness in a hectic world. While meditating, engage in positive thinking or study each inhalation and exhalation. The purpose is to be present. Don’t think about what you still need to do. Avoid negative thoughts. They will come, but bring yourself back to stillness every time. You’ll improve your reaction time and decrease stress levels.

  5. Seasonal arrangements

    Aligning space with universal energy augments self-esteem and quality work. Arrange your space to receive optimum sunlight and boost your mood. Consider Feng Shui and explore other arrangements that make you feel good. Add something new while taking something old away to freshen up the space. Seasonal rearranging, decorating with the changing seasons, could improve your whole outlook. It’s moving in sync with nature and developing an organic sense of change.