7 budget-friendly DIYs to decorate your office this fall

7 budget-friendly DIYs to decorate your office this fall

If plastic jack-o-lantern buckets, paper cutouts of pumpkins, and kitschy plastic skeletons aren’t your speed when it comes to fall décor, we’re here to help. While Halloween is a major fall milestone, there are plenty of other fall-themed elements that can help you creatively and beautifully decorate your office space. Rather than stick to boring standbys, we’ve rounded up a handful of cute and pretty projects that are easy and budget-friendly, too. With some arts and crafts supplies and a little bit of your free time, you can impress coworkers with your creativity. Use these ideas to decorate your desk, the breakroom, the office welcome area, and more!

7 budget-friendly DIYs to decorate your office this fall
  1. Pumpkin terra cotta pots

    Upgrade the office candy dish with these cute pots that resemble pumpkins

  2. What you need

    • Terra cotta pot and lid
    • Acrylic paint in orange, cream, and brown
    • Adhesive
    • Wooden knob
    • Coiled floral wire
    • Wire cutters
    • Sand paper
    • Paint brush
  3. How to

    • Step 1: Paint the pots and lids with the cream paint.
    • Step 2: Once dry, paint the pots and lids with the orange paint.
    • Step 3: Paint the knob with the brown paint.
    • Step 4: Once everything is dry, glue the knob in the middle of the bottom of the lid.
    • Step 5: Use the sandpaper to distress the pot and bring out some of the cream paint.
    • Step 6: Cut about a 12-inch long piece of wire, wrap it around your finger, and then wrap around the knob to create the stem
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  5. Corn husk-wrapped votive holders

    Add texture and romance to your Thanksgiving table with these easy to make candle holders.

  6. What you need

    • Glass votives
    • Raffia
    • Corn husks
    • Spotted feathers
  7. How to

    • Step 1: Moisten corn husks and then trim them to fit from one end of the votive to the other.
    • Step 2: Wrap three or four overlapping husks over each votive and tie raffia around the center to hold it the husks in place.
    • Step 3: Tuck a feather between the husks and the raffia.
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  9. Birch bark leaf wreath

    While birch bark is usually associated with winter, these birch oak and maple leaves are all fall.

  10. What you need

    • 24 6 ¾” x 20 ½” sheets of birch bark
    • 20” foam wreath form
    • 45 small wood cubes
    • Hot glue gun and glue
  11. How to

    • Step1: Print out oak and maple leaf templates and trace 75 leaves onto the bark.
    • Step 2: Cut out the leaves and glue 30 of them onto the form.
    • Step 3: Glue a wooden cube to the back of the remaining leaves then glue those to wreath form.
  12. Source: http://www.countryliving.com/diy-crafts/g1533/fall-crafts/?

  13. Gilded pumpkins

    Add elegance to your doorstep or tablescape with these glam pumpkins.

  14. What you need

    • Pumpkins (real or faux)
    • Paint brush
    • Gold liquid gilding
    • Thumb tacks
  15. How to

    • Step 1: Wipe pumpkins to remove any debris
    • Step 2: Push four thumb tacks around the bottom of each pumpkin to create a stand.
    • Step 3: Paint desired designs onto each pumpkin with the liquid gilding.
    • Step 4: Allow to dry.
  16. Source: http://www.positivelysplendid.com/diy-gilded-pumpkins/

  17. Chalkboard skull

    This functional décor is perfect for your fall to-do list.

  18. What you need

    • Ceramic skull
    • Chalk paint
    • Paint brush
    • Chalk
  19. How to

    • Step 1: Paint the skull with chalkboard paint.
    • Step 2: Allow to dry before writing on the skull.
  20. Source: https://www.brit.co/halloween-office-decor/

  21. Hexagonal boo sign

    This free-standing sign is a perfect way to celebrate Halloween at the office.

  22. What you need

    • 2 wooden hexagons
    • 1 wooden letter “B”
    • Acrylic paint in orange, black, and white
    • Foam brush
    • Masking tape
    • Hot glue gun and glue
  23. How to

    • Step 1: Paint the base of the letter “B” and one of the hexagons white.
    • Step 2: Paint the other hexagon orange.
    • Step 3: Once dry, tape the white hexagon and “B” to create stripes and paint the exposed portions black.
  24. Source: http://www.sisterssuitcaseblog.com/halloweenhexagons/

  25. Painted acorns

    Use these to decorate buffet tables or to fill vases.

  26. What you need

    • Acorns
    • Paint brushes
    • Acrylic paint in assorted colors
    • Hot glue gun and glue
  27. How to

    • Step 1: Apply paint to the acorns, brushing with the grain.
    • Step 2: If any caps fall off, hot glue them back on.
    • Step 3: Let dry and add to vases or tablescapes.
  28. Source: https://www.homestoriesatoz.com/fall-2/how-to-paint-acorns.html

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7 budget-friendly DIYs to decorate your office this fall