9 websites that inspire a happier and more productive day

9 websites that inspire a happier and more productive day

We all do it– check our phones in bed, watch the news before our first cup of coffee and get less sleep with more stress. No wonder by the time we get to the office, we’re already feeling defeated and depressed!

That’s why it’s so important to focus on the positive whenever possible. Sometimes even the smallest things can make us smile, and that energy is contagious. It inspires and motivates our colleagues, helps keep even the bad days in perspective, and, in general, helps us to remember that there are always reasons to feel optimistic.

So with that in mind, here are nine of my favorite websites. See if they help you start the day with a great attitude.

  1. Quill’s blog

    You’re already here, so why not stay a while? My fellow contributors have great perspectives and tips on everything from developing a more efficient workflow to working toward a healthy lifestyle. A few of my favorite posts include tips on how to build the perfect break room, the right way to celebrate birthdays in the office, finding a balance between work and travel, and adding a little fun to the work day with weekly or monthly contests.

  2. Happsters.com

    These weekly happiness challenges are so fun and easy to take part in, and new quotes and shareable images are posted often. I’m always inspired when I see one of these posts appear in my feed or when I pull it up on any given morning.

    9 Happy Facts That Will Make You Smile is a great place to start, too. It sort of reminds me of this daily desktop calendar that has fun facts and graphics.

  3. GrowingBolder.com

    Full disclosure: I work for Growing Bolder as an Executive Producer. My job is to find inspirational stories, people and events and share them with you. Seriously, I get paid to find awesome stuff.

    We shine the spotlight on people who are making a difference, surviving disease and thriving in the aftermath – and proving that it’s not about age but attitude.

    woman older woman sitting on beach
  4. GretchenRubin.com

    Gretchen Rubin is the author of The Happiness Project. She has so many great ways to look at life – even the bad days – and find reasons to stay hopeful.

    Don’t be afraid to look for small things. Sometimes we get so overwhelmed at big moments and projects that we forget that something as simple as brightly colored sticky notes or a family photo in a beautiful frame. They’re small things, but they’re also bright spots worth taking a moment to appreciate.

  5. Calm.com

    Sometimes you just need to have some “ommmmm” in your life, right? Calm.com is a mindfulness app, but even if you don’t download it, you can just go to the homepage and see beautiful photos and listen to the sounds of nature.

    Take some time to meditate (bonus points if you brew up some green tea to make the experience even more immersive) and then get back to work. I promise, you’ll feel energized and more focused.

  6. CuteRoulette.com

    Who doesn’t love puppies and hedgehogs? Cute Roulette allows you to click one button and watch a rotating cast of animals – from fluffy to fierce – and have a brief moment of pure happiness. (Speaking of puppies, I must order this dog print for my home office. I love the colors!)

    Also, I have to give Cute Overload a bonus mention. While it is no longer updated, the archives are still available and provide so many reasons to smile.

    cute puppy begging for food at kitchen table
  7. Happier.com

    This website says its mission is to “celebrate the good around you”, and it even features some scientific reasons that getting happy makes you a better and more efficient person!

    Following the “look around you” theme, remember that kind words and appreciation go a long way. Why not find a coworker or office colleague and give them a handwritten thank-you card for something awesome they’ve done recently? It only takes a moment and it will make both of you feel more cheery.

  8. 1000AwesomeThings.com

    Neil Pasricha started his website while going through an enormously difficult time in his personal life. He just wanted to find and document the things that made him smile. That led to 1,000 straight days of posts, a best-selling book and a movement that helped people around the world find some awesome!

    You can still read all of his items and I highly recommend using this as an inspiration to start your own list (this simple notebook is a great one to keep handy for your daily notes.)

  9. StoryCorps.org

    I have been listening to StoryCorps for years and it always makes me laugh, cry and think. The sad stories make me appreciate my life and the funny stories lighten any bad mood.

    I think it would make for a great lunchtime group listening session, but if your colleagues prefer a quieter environment, plug in your headphones and immerse yourself in inspiration.

What are your go-to websites when you need a burst of positivity? Leave a comment and follow Café Quill on social media to join in on the conversation!