9 workout apps that are actually worth your time (and money)

9 workout apps that are actually worth your time (and money)

It can be really hard to fit in workouts when you also work, have a family and enjoy hobbies. Plus, we’re all trying to be smart about our budgets and where we spend our money. High-priced gyms and expensive appointments with personal trainers aren’t always a possibility.

Luckily, the Internet has changed everything. It’s incredibly easy and effective to work out at home or even on a break at the office, and often you can follow along to a routine right on your smartphone or tablet.

Here are nine workout apps I think are actually worth your time (and money!).

  1. Daily Burn

    Daily Burn is one of my very favorite workout resources. You can stream more than 600 workouts on demand—or take part in one of their live workouts on social media—led by certified personal trainers and fitness experts.

    There are yoga routines, HIIT (high-intensity interval training) options, dance fitness classes and much more. Plus, Daily Burn gives you a 30-day free trial. Once you sign up, you can watch on your computer, smartphone or TV through one of the connected apps.

    Quick tip: keep a towel at your desk or in the office locker room so you can dry yourself off.

  2. Beachbody on Demand

    I am not a Beachbody Coach, but I have done just about every Beachbody fitness program out there! Many of the programs are available on demand, 24/7, to watch on any device through the Beachbody on Demand program.

    That makes it really easy to find a quiet space at work and do a 30-minute cardio session during a lunch break, or to stream a program on your laptop in the morning before work.

    And yes, it’s an expense, but consider buying an iPad or other device to keep at work or in your bag so you’re never far away from a workout.

    woman following a workout app on tablet
  3. Sworkit

    I recommend the Sworkit app to a lot of people because it has so many options. There are some pre-built workouts to choose from but what I really love is the ability to build your own workout.

    But don’t forget to keep your water bottle handy. You’ll need it!

  4. Sweat With Kayla

    If you haven’t heard of Kayla Itsines, you probably know someone who has. Her Bikini Body Guides are incredible popular and she’s built a massive social community for the people who are in the program.

    But the guides can be a little difficult to use because they’re downloadable PDFs. Her Sweat app makes it really easy — each workout is available with demonstrations and even a schedule to follow so you can open up your phone, do what the app tells you, and call it a day!

  5. FitStar

    I first discovered FitStar when I found its workouts built into my Fitbit activity tracker. As it turns out, it’s much more. For a monthly fee, you can do workouts that include coaching from fitness experts, track your progress and even listen to music, right from the app.

    A set of wireless headphones make this even better, and you can keep them right in your desk drawer.

  6. The 7-Minute Workout

    Tell me you don’t have seven minutes to work out. I dare you! This app from Johnson & Johnson is super simple and incredibly effective. Again, you can customize your workout, so it’s appropriate for all fitness levels, and the timer is built in so you don’t even have to worry about anything except surviving each move.

  7. Nike+ Training

    If you’re a runner, you know there are a lot of great apps on the market. And I’ve tried most of them! I still come back to Nike’s version, which tracks your distance, pace, gives you cues in your ear, works with your playlists and much more.

    Happy woman running and listening to music

    Another tip: if you run on a break from work, you might not have much time for a recovery or post-workout stretch. Try wearing these compression sleeves under your pants — nobody will know!

  8. Blogilates

    Cassey Ho and her team have created an incredibly active and supportive fitness community, with free (and paid) workouts, inspirational videos and more. And there’s an official app to make it all easier. From daily and weekly workout reminders to healthy recipes and more, this is one to check out.

  9. Grokker

    This app has a number of options but I especially love the yoga classes. Yoga is a great practice to have at work because you don’t need much room, it’s very quiet, and whether you choose a Zen or an intense postures class, you can get a great workout!

    Tuck a yoga mat into your office or under your desk and you can grab it and go.

The best workout is one that you will do, so take a look at this list and give one of the apps a try. Don’t forget to subscribe to Café Quill for even more tips on how to schedule fitness into your work day!