Fun 4th of July office decoration ideas

Fun 4th of July office decoration ideas

Fourth of July is an American holiday that marks its independence from British rule with the signing of the Declaration of Independence on July 4, 1776. Since then, we have celebrated this commemorative day with fireworks, barbecues, parades and more. But what about at the workplace? How does one promote celebration there for this most important of holidays?

Look no further for some fun suggestions on decorating your office workspace for the Fourth of July holiday. These ideas will also help promote a happy work environment for all involved:

  1. Celebrate with color

    Going with the color scheme of red/white/blue is a bit of a no-brainer so why not get creative with it?

    • Change some of the clear light bulbs around the office to red and blue ones.
    • Grab some red, white and blue bandanas and bunting and use them as decorations for tabletops, counters and more.
    • In the breakroom, make all the snacks red, white and blue during the holiday week. It will be decorative and a fun way to include treats not typically found in the breakroom.
      • Red snack ideas: apples, licorice, dried cranberries and strawberries.
      • Blue snack ideas: blue corn chips, blueberry yogurts, blue gummy sharks and of course, blueberries.
      • White snack ideas, the options are plentiful: powdered doughnuts, yogurt-covered anything, popcorn, coconut, string cheese, and marshmallows.
      • You can also order snacks like macaroons and M&Ms in specific colors. Have fun with it!
  2. Get the office involved in the decorations

    Rather than do all the decorating yourself, involve everyone in the office.

    • Ask anyone who would like to bring in artwork by their children to do so for decorating the breakroom.
    • You can also encourage workers themselves to make some art. Set up a few stations in the breakroom with artwork suggestions. One could be a station of plain little flower pots where you suggest office workers paint them during their lunch break. Provide some paint, brushes and artificial red, white and blue flowers to place inside once dry. Another station could be construction paper and markers, inviting workers to draw a Fourth of July-themed piece of art. For those breakrooms that have the room, you can set up a temporary art station table where the workers can create their masterpieces.
    • Another way to involve the office is to host a contest for the best decorated cubicle. Invite the employees to get creative with it.
      • Supply them with a box of possible decorations for use (keep it in the supply closet or breakroom) while also inviting them to add their own. Some decorations to include in the box are American flags, red, white and blue crepe streamers, hanging ribbon, copies of the Declaration of Independence, shiny star and stripe stickers, construction paper and markers.
      • Although real sparklers are not ideal, office workers can take on a DIY project by making paper ones! Then, on the last workday before the holiday, have an office gathering to award the winners their prizes before everyone leaves.
      • Possible prize ideas are gift cards to favorite office lunch spots, extra personal days, and movie tickets. You can also create gift bags filled with office swag for all those who participated.
  3. Hang a large map of the U.S. to share favorite locations

    For an interesting look at the United States, hang up a large map of the US in the office, somewhere unobtrusive but where all can see it. Invite workers to add their favorite places of interest to it. Provide red and blue Sharpies for everyone to participate. Instruct them to write a number on the map and then add corresponding information for that number to an information sheet, which can hang on a clipboard on the wall next to the map. On the information sheet, already lined with numbers so workers do not accidentally use the same number, have spaces for them to write in the name of the place of interest, its address and 1-2 sentences about it. Invite workers to share their more off-the-beaten-path ideas to make it extra fun! Then, when everyone returns from the holiday, pass out printed copies of the favorite locations information sheet.

    This can be a fun way to promote positivity and communal spirit, while also giving people new ideas on travel spots within the United States and your state.

  4. Educate

    While holidays are typically known for fun and entertainment, they also have a purpose that can easily be forgotten. In honor of this American holiday, why not hang up some fun fact posters around the office for people to learn from? A quick internet search can help you find a ton of facts to choose from but here’s a few to get you started: Congress actually declared its independence on July 2nd; the Fourth of July became a federal holiday in 1870; 2.5 million people lived in the United States in 1776.

    White poster board is always an option for handwritten quotes that can also be decorated with flag stickers surrounding those quotes. They are easy to hang around the office as well. You can use educational posters typically found in classrooms or get creative and print quotes out on computer paper and then laminate them before hanging them up throughout the office.

    Also, why not place some history books in the breakroom for workers to read during lunch and on breaks? Copies of the Declaration of Independence could also be hung in large form or printed in smaller form for workers to take with them.