How to make work during winter more bearable

How to make work during winter more bearable

Winter is soon approaching. The days have already become shorter. With so little sunlight, most of us just want to hibernate until spring. Getting up in the morning and being present at work during this time can be challenging. The following tips can help make winter a lot more enjoyable.

  1. Incorporate hygge into your work life

    The Danish are among some of the happiest people in the world despite their long frigid winters. Many of them attribute this happiness to hygge. Hygge is a philosophy and way of life that is often described as cozy, comforting, charming, content and special. If you haven’t heard of hygge, there’s a chance that you have probably experienced it without even knowing it.

    Have you ever felt pure joy simply by staying warm next to a fire on a cold winter’s day? Perhaps you were flooded with happy memories from your childhood while indulging in a cup of freshly brewed hot chocolate? Or maybe you couldn’t get enough of the merriment you felt while in the company of friends and family at a holiday party? These are all examples of hygge.

    Incorporate hygge at work by using a mug you absolutely love for your favorite warm beverage, stocking up on apparel that keeps you warm and cozy, and planning get-togethers with your colleagues where you share great food and simply enjoy one another’s company. Don’t forget to keep the cell phones, computers and email at bay during these meetings. Hygge stresses being fully present and truly enjoying the company of yourself and others.

  2. Stay active

    Feeling listless, lifeless and out of energy are the last things you need during winter. Rejuvenate and revive yourself by staying active. Participate in a local fitness class, practice yoga or find a walking buddy and go on  weekly walks around the local mall. Just because it’s winter doesn’t mean that you have to stay inside either. If the weather permits, go ice skating or walk around local outdoor trails. Explore a garden or park. Gather a group together for these outdoor activities and you’ll be in full hygge mode.

  3. Leave the office during the day for a lunch, coffee or walking break

    When the temperatures are cold most of us don’t go outdoors unless it’s absolutely necessary. However, during this season when most of us leave for work when it’s dark and return home when it’s dark, it would do us some good to step outside during the day to take advantage of the sunlight.

    Leave the office for lunch or coffee with your favorite book or a colleague. You can also gather a couple of co-workers (warm beverages optional) and take a stroll outside, admiring the beauty of winter and breathing in the fresh crisp air.

  4. Take public transportation or carpool

    If you’re not doing it already, winter may be a good time to start exploring and utilizing public transportation. Additionally, you can get together with coworkers and carpool to work. Not having to focus during your commute to and from work when it’s dark outside will help you stay relaxed, catch some extra sleep and avoid the stress that winter traffic often brings.

    Carpooling with colleagues will provide you with the opportunity to connect with one another in a different way than you would in the office. Furthermore, when you’re in the car with someone else, you’re less likely to feel rushed and you can relax a bit more. Connecting and learning to slow down are two important principles of hygge that you can incorporate into your everyday commute.

  5. Eat healthy

    Most of us spend the majority of winter indoors. This leads many of us to overindulge on whatever comfort foods may be laying around at home and at the office. Although we may receive instant gratification immediately after devouring these goodies, we’ll likely feel our minds and bodies crash minutes or hours after snacking.

    To avoid the crash, make sure that you are eating a healthy, balanced diet full of plenty of whole foods this winter. You may also want to take a nutritional supplement and focus on foods that contain vitamins and minerals that you typically lack during this season, such as Vitamin D, Vitamin C , iron, zinc and folate. Additionally, many people are more likely to catch colds during the winter, so not only will a healthy diet help you feel better, but it can also help to keep your immune system strong throughout the season.