Marie Kondo inspired office organization

Marie Kondo inspired office organization

Marie Kondo coined the KonMari Method™ of cleaning, sparking joy in everyone who embraced the clutter-clearing freedom of tidying up. Her book The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up and Netflix show, Tidying Up with Marie Kondo has flooded the homes and offices across the globe. Read on to learn how the KonMari Method can help you clear out the clutter, leaving only the important, joy-sparking, items remain. 

Choose what to discard for a clean office

Start with one area of the office at a time and gather all items from each storage space so it’s easier to take inventory. Remove items from bookshelves and create stacks of belongings. Hold each item and decide if it sparks joy or provides feelings of happiness. Consider if the item has a place in the future or if you’ll use it. If it does, place the item in a container, if not, create a donate pile and place the item in a shipping box or garbage bag for later disposal. The goal is to reduce the amount of accumulated stuff to make it easier to organize. Start with the easiest categories first, such as books and old electronics, to help eliminate clutter quickly. Leave the sentimental items for last as they can be difficult to part with.

Use a storage box

Storage containers keep unused items neat and out of the way. Many plastic storage containers stack neatly and have a smooth surface for affixing identification stickers. This makes it easy to locate needed items without opening every box. Lids keep interior objects dust-free, while some have a place to attach a lock to prevent unauthorized access. Try to keep storage to a minimum and instead find a designated place for each kept item. Storage creates clutter for a later date, so it’s best to discard as much as possible.

Eliminate clutter with paper storage

According to the KonMari Method, go through all papers and shred or throw away anything that isn’t important, including outdated tax returns, old financial records, and sentimental items. Purchase multiple storage boxes or drawers for must-keep papers and label them according to the contents, date, client, or department for easy identification.

Separate papers by those that need attention, papers to keep short-term, and those to keep forever. File all kept papers in storage boxes and shred the rest for privacy reasons. Use file folders and tabs inside the boxes for further organization. If possible, scan hard copies and store them in the cloud for easy retrieval by team members from anywhere. Get rid of hard copies of books that you don’t need and opt for electronic books when possible.

Space management techniques

Create a productive office space by optimizing your workspace. Choose tall bookcases for storing books, keepsakes, and files. Use hanging files to utilize unused vertical space. Place sectioned organizers inside drawers to keep office supplies neat and easy to find and get rid of unneeded furniture that takes up space. Store all like items in the same place to make them easier to find.

The goal of the KonMari Method isn’t about throwing stuff out, it’s about surrounding yourself with useful items for increased productivity. By saving only what’s needed, it’s easier to appreciate what’s left and makes it simple to locate items to complete daily tasks.