New year’s resolutions for the workplace

New year’s resolutions for the workplace

From slimming down to saving cash, we know you’ve already got some good resolutions cooked up for your personal life, but what about at work? The new year is a great time to take stock of your professional shortcomings and vow to make some changes for the year to come. Not sure where to begin your 2015 list of goals for the workplace? Here’s a guide to some work-related New Year resolutions:

  1. Declutter Your Desk

It may seem like a simple and easy-to-achieve goal, but taking some time in January to declutter your desk can have a lasting impact all throughout the next year. An organized desk, cubicle, or office not only increases productivity, but also contributes to a serene and stress-free state of mind. Begin your cleanout by getting rid of old, unnecessary documents with a shredder (bonus for recycling or composting the scraps!). Then, take some time to go through the remaining papers and organize them into tidy file storage boxes. For a lasting sense of organization, consider going paperless. Invest in a compact scanner and save important documents to your computer instead of filing them away. Good organization in the office is the first step to a better professional year.

  1. Decorate Your Cube

You spend a lot of time in the office, so why not make your space feel homey and personal? If your workspace is bland and unremarkable, renewing your commitment to decorating could be a good New Year’s resolution. Begin by adding little personal touches like photos of family or posters from your favorite movie. Details like an erasable white board or cube-sized bulletin board will let you add personal flare without damaging walls. Be sure to stock your workspace with healthy snacks in case you get hungry on the job. Consider options like granola bars, trail mix, or fresh fruit.

  1. Set Limits

With the advent of smartphones and virtually limitless Wi-Fi, it’s easy to become a workaholic. This year, commit to setting boundaries when it comes to working from home. Checking your email after hours can lead to burnout. To ensure that you’re arriving at work fresh and ready to go each day, avoid checking email from home. You’ll get more done during the workday, and you’ll be better able to enjoy your time off.

  1. Bond With Coworkers

You spend a lot of time in the office, but how well do you really know your coworkers? This year, make a commitment to getting to know the people with whom you spend a large degree of your time. Make an effort to remember coworkers’ birthdays, make small talk by the water cooler, and ask how the weekend went. A stronger team is better for everyone’s professional success. Start making friends in the office today! You may not be perfect (yet!), but you’re working on it, and with these top New Year’s resolutions, professional perfection might just be steps away. By decluttering, decorating, setting limits, and getting to know your coworkers, you’re well on your way to a happier and more productive workplace in 2015.