Review of standing desks and accessories for them

Review of standing desks and accessories for them

A standing desk allows a person to stand or sit in a high stool or chair while using the desk. In the 18th and 19th centuries, standing desks were used in homes of the rich. Many notable figures from the past used standing desks, including Benjamin Franklin, Thomas Jefferson and Winston Churchill.

There are many benefits to using standing desks. They promote better posture, allow for stretching and can lower your risk for many cardiovascular diseases. They can reduce obesity and improve mood and energy levels.

Reviews of standing desks

I found that these two standing desks provide many benefits to office workers. I would recommend them to anyone looking to find a functional standing desk. Each standing desk available differs with the functionality, comfort and benefits that it provides. Choose one based on your needs.

Luxor Electric Standing Desk

The Luxor Electric Standing Desk provides ease of use since it does not have to be manually moved to the standing or sitting positions. It moves up or down (to the height adjustment of your choice) by just pressing a button on the side of the desk.

The motor that controls the movement of the desk is quiet, even after long time use, which was a perk of the desk overall. Some desks in the past would require the user to crank a shaft on the side to move the desk up and down, this is not one of those desks. Being as I am somewhat tall, I found that this desk was quite comfortable for my height of 5’9.”

The desk is sturdily built, even with repeated daily use. You do not have to worry about the desk moving while you’re typing, drawing or writing. One of the biggest things I love about this desk is the surface space. I have enough room for all of the projects that I want to accomplish. When placed in the seated desk position, I can even allow two children to do their homework on either side of me while I work on my laptop in the middle of them.

The overall look of the Luxor Electric Standing Desk is also something that I appreciate. I was easily able to give my home office a professional appeal. The oak top is beautifully finished and I found that it was durable enough for me to move my items around and not have to worry about scratching that might happen from repeated use.

Overall, this is by far one of the superior standing desks on the market in my opinion. It provided a way to move easily between standing and sitting. I just pushed my computer chair to the side and stood when I needed to stretch or get my blood flowing again.

Autonomous SmartDesk

The Autonomous SmartDesk comes with nice features that are not found in other standing desks. It has the ability to program four different heights in through a keypad on the side. Therefore, this desk can easily be shared by two people of different heights. When it moves, it does so smoothly and quietly, so you could even continue working on the tabletop if you want, even while it is moving.

The tabletop is ergonomically cut for comfort while sitting or standing, so you can scoot right up to the desktop. Another benefit of this desk is that it is rated for up to 220 pounds. This is ideal when you have a very large, heavy monitor that has to hold up or even items that you need to move with you, such as my filer and desktop organizer. I take many notes, so having this space and weight capacity is ideal.

Overall, I am pleased with this standing desk. It provides me with enough space and the height is easily adjustable. It is user-friendly and gives me options for making the most of my work day such as being able to have all of my items with me on the desk, while also having an ergonomic design that allows me to stand with comfort against the desk.

Standing desk conversion unit

I started with a conversion unit before purchasing my standing desks. I found the Symple Stuff Standing Desk Conversion Unit easy to use.

Symple Stuff Standing Desk Conversion Unit

The Symple Stuff Standing Desk Conversion Unit works to transform your ordinary workspace into a standing one in minutes. This is one of the best tabletop conversion units out there. It is easy to use, has a large space to work on and you can ensure that it is able to hold your computer, monitor and keyboard (up to 50 pounds).

One recommendation is to use a laptop on the conversion unit, as a keyboard, mouse and monitor can involve several wires, taking up more space. Ideally, you want to keep the items on the conversion unit to a comfortable minimum when moving it up and down.

One thing I did not like about it however, was that it is not motorized. You have to be the one to move it up and down. This isn’t a major issue, but it might be annoying at times when you want to swiftly move from sitting to standing or vice versa.

If you want something that doesn’t take up much space, sits right on the top of a desk and allows you to move from sitting to standing, then this can be an affordable alternative to the full size desks.

Accessories for standing desks

Here are some items that can help you become and stay organized that I found helpful on my standing desktop.

Mount-It! Laptop Mount, Tablet Holder and Computer Monitor Desk Stand

I mount my tablet using the Mount-It! Laptop Mount, Tablet Holder and Computer Monitor Desk Stand when I am working since I use other apps while also working on my computer. This gives me access to both screens whether I am sitting or standing and keeps my focus right at my desk without having to look down or around to get to my appointments, reminders and business apps on my tablet.

The Mount-It! Laptop Mount, Tablet Holder and Computer Monitor Desk Stand also can hold your computer monitor if you want. I found that the mount could be attached to the desk and then would move each time I would bring it up and down, which then brought my tablet with it. It is also super easy to install, giving it two thumbs up.

NewLife by GelPro Designer Comfort Standing Mat

While I have personally never used a mat, the NewLife by GelPro Designer Comfort Standing Mat comes highly recommended from those that stand on hard floors for lengthy periods of time. It can reduce the amount of stress that your feet are under. My office has carpet, so it never bothers my legs and feet, but for those working on hard floors, the NewLife by GelPro Designer Comfort Standing Mat can provide needed support.

Rolodex Black Mesh Desk Accessories, Pencil and Pen Cup Holder

With the Rolodex Black Mesh Desk Accessories, Pencil and Pen Cup Holder, you can leave those small items where they belong. I love being able to have my pens and pencils, paperclips and post-it notes all in one place on the top of my desk. This nifty little organizer keeps everything tucked away in the unit, so I never have to worry about having these items spread across my desk.

Many standing desk options are available.