Ways to celebrate World Cup 2018 at the office

Ways to celebrate World Cup 2018 at the office

The 2018 World Cup is fast approaching taking place from June 14 through July 15. Employees across the globe are getting ready to celebrate this historic sporting event. It provides a chance to honor their heritage and get caught up in the excitement of national competition! Offices everywhere are filled with people that are eagerly awaiting this world-wide celebration of soccer and country. This year, the FIFA World Cup is being held in the renowned Russian capital, Moscow. You may not be attending, but thanks to social media and live streaming, nearly anyone can participate in this widely popular event that gains new enthusiasts each year. No doubt an office has the direct purpose of productivity for business, but it also houses an eclectic group of personalities with excitement and desire for community and connection in the workplace. Celebrating the World Cup is an effective and fun way to create this sense of comradery. Rather than viewing the World Cup as a potential distraction, you can utilize the celebration in several ways to increase office morale!

  1. Hold a World Cup office pool

    Competition and friendly rivalry not only bring employees together but also provide more opportunities for communication. It adds a buzz of excitement to the ordinary flow of an office day.

    • Utilize your staff meeting and choose a designated scorekeeper. For the World Cup you could have each employee earn a point for predicting the outcome of a game.
    • In the group stage, the World Cup begins with eight groups of four teams each, where each group plays a round robin tournament. Pool members would make their picks for which team would win each match in those groups. The winning soccer teams then move to the single elimination knockout stage where again, members make their picks. The scorekeeper keeps track of points earned by each employee as the cup moves forward, the object being to accumulate as many points as you can for each stage!
    • Simply update a white board where all participants could see their name and progress. You can find custom pool templates and various scoring options here.
    • Prizes – This pool could easily be made up of friendly bets with bragging rights being the ultimate reward or you could have fun with it and make an office trophy that the winner gets to keep. Other options include collecting a small donation from each employee to purchase a prize for the winner or awarding a work benefit like half a day off. This kind of fun tension can help to alleviate work related tensions that arise in a business.
  2. Decorate the office

    When decorating the office for any type of event, it is an opportunity to give employees and employers alike the chance to embrace their creative side as well as make the work space more inviting and appealing. Use different countries as inspiration for creating a World Cup soccer theme. You can hang flags or hold an office door decorating competition with emphasis on each door representing a team. Turn the breakroom into a soccer haven for the duration of the World Cup by using soccer themed décor and snacks! There are so many countries that can be represented you can never run out of color patterns and banner choices. Not only does this give the office a pleasant atmosphere, but it gives you a chance to celebrate diversity and give members of your team an opportunity to put their heritage on display if they wish.

  3. Stream a World Cup game at lunch

    Use the lunch hour as a chance to get to know your coworkers on a personal level. Create a sense of unity by bringing your team together for a mid-day break. Host a potluck in the breakroom and invite everyone to gather, eat and watch one of the games. Each person could bring a traditional dish from one of the represented countries or decorate the food in a unique way that ties into the theme. Or you could order lunch from a restaurant with food from one of the represented countries. (For example, if Mexico is playing that day you could order Mexican food.) You know they will be checking their phones anyway, you might as well enjoy the time together!

  4. Soccer jersey day

    Give employees a chance to wear their loyalties on their sleeve, literally. If your office doesn’t already implement a casual day, allow them one to wear their favorite FIFA jersey. If they don’t have one, they can wear the colors that represent the team they’re rooting for. A prize could be awarded for best dressed soccer fan. Have fun with this!  Allow face painting and creative hairstyles. This relaxed time will make your coworkers comfortable and break the monotony of the week.

  5. Staff meeting activities

    Meetings are a necessity in any business so why not incorporate the World Cup into that as well. Create soccer trivia quizzes and hand them out to staff with small prizes for those who get the best scores. No extra funds in the budget for prizes? Offer an extended lunch time or 15 minutes off early to the winner! This will ensure everyone’s excitement and desire to be involved. Allow extra time for employees to chat about upcoming World Cup games and players. This kind of environment can foster relationships among those who work together that are filled with more empathy, kindness and understanding. When we begin to see each other as people with similar desires and interests, rather than just through the lens of work, we respect them more. This can be beneficial to all.

At the end of the day, creating this kind of enjoyable climate in an office is an investment in employees and in the company itself. Celebrating the World Cup is no exception. It boosts office morale, fosters community among high and low-ranking workers and celebrates diversity in ways few other sporting events can. Do not miss out on the chance to be a part of it!