What does the color of your clothing saying about you?

What does the color of your clothing saying about you?

Did you know that color psychology is a real thing? Companies spend a ton of money implementing it into their branding and marketing. But you can take it down to a more personal level with the clothes you wear.

The color of clothes you wear can have an impact on not only the way you feel, but also how you are perceived. Through your personal expression, you are also sending a message out into the world.

What does the color of your clothing tell others about you?

Carol Tuttle, the author of It’s Just My Nature, has a whole program around matching color to your energy type. She explains that how each type comes across to others depends on whether they are dressing true to their type or not. It’s about using clothing color to reflect who you really are at an energetic level.

It’s a really interesting concept if you want to explore the topic further. To get you started, here are some generalizations about what your clothing color could be saying to those around you.


This is a very popular color in the business world – and for good reason. Black is elegant, classic, and tends to give off a sense of confidence and power. It says you are sophisticated and authoritative. But too much black and you could be overpowering those around you. Wearing this dark color head-to-toe may make you appear too mysterious, closed-off, and unapproachable. Maybe mix it up with another color.

young woman in black dress shaking man's hand


White is a clean, crisp color that makes you appear organized and together. It often symbolizes goodness and simplicity. White can show that you are open and warm, inviting others to communicate with you. If you want to draw more harmony and balance from others, this can be a good choice. If you feel like white washes out your skin tone, try adding brightly colored accents.


The color of calm. If you wear a lot of blue shades, it’s likely that others see you as calm and centered. It also tends to represent trustworthiness, making others think that you are an honest person. Have you noticed that politicians use blue often when they are campaigning? If you love blue, you may just be the type of person that relates easily to others and wins over their trust easily.


Another soothing color; the color associated with nature. Wearers of green are often caring and charismatic. As green is also the color of money, it can represent wealth. Companies selling natural products use green to give an earthy feel. If you want others to see you as sensitive, charming, and soothing, green may be your color.


A power color representing passion and fire. It’s a stimulating color that can make you appear confident and energetic. Red can help you look more dominant and extroverted. Wearing red may also make you feel empowered. But, like black, be careful not to overdo it or you may come across as too aggressive.

business woman in red blazer working at laptop


The color that represents royalty. Purple can make people see you as intuitive and even spiritual. Purple can be a good choice when you want to appear regal yet expressive. It can boost creative thought and expression. Wearing purple can also help you show off your artistic side. It can be stabilizing with blue undertones, and energizing with red highlights.


Although yellow is regularly used as the color of caution, many shades can make you appear bright, intelligent, and cheery. It’s a color that can improve memory and focus. One to use when you need an extra boost of energy and mental clarity or want to appear smart. It can also help you uplift and inspire others.

Get experimenting!

Of course, there are a lot more colors and shades within these color families, but hopefully, these will get you started and give you something to think about. Start noticing how you feel wearing different colors and how color impacts how you perceive those around you. Learn to use color to your advantage as a non-verbal communication tool.

In a post via Canva Learn, Rebecca Gross says, “Tap into the power of color to express your brand attributes and values.”

Remember, you’re a walking personal brand. You can choose color that will help you communicate yourself as a brand to the world. If you want to learn more, Future Learn has a great class called The Power of Color.

Try wearing colors that you aren’t normally drawn to in clothing and see how you feel and how others react to you. You may be surprised at how much of an affect color can have. Above all, make sure you have fun with it – and let us know the results by sharing in the comments or tagging us on Twitter @Quillcom