The world cup and the work place

The world cup and the work place

Every four years, the eyes of the world turn to the soccer games of the World Cup. In fact, the World Cup finals will have 2.5 times the viewers of a Super Bowl and will be seen in every country around the world. It is a BIG deal.

So how does this event affect our workplaces and what should we do about it?

Given that we live in a world made smaller by the internet, a world more diverse and driven by immigration, our best option is to embrace the moment and use it to create work environments that are more fun and that bring employees closer together.

At our office, we have tuned the TV sets in the cafeteria and the gym to the World Cup. I sit at a table in the café with colleagues I may not know, and we banter about the game, the refs and the dramatic acting of fouled players. I get to know these colleagues on a more personal level, and we now have a common interest.

There are people out there who will grumble and focus on the “loss of productivity” and will try to discourage any following of the games. Good luck with that.

Modern technology and cell phones will let people follow the games anywhere. Instead, I recommend that bosses go out and buy jerseys from their favorite teams, wear them to the office and show that they are all in! Bosses who show they are connected to the world outside of work will be appreciated by employees.

So, with that in mind, tune into the finals on July 13!