Investing in the tools employees need to be highly productive

Investing in the tools employees need to be highly productive

Sometimes it’s the little things that make a big difference. In terms of office productivity, those little things may well be upgrades or new tools for staff to use at their workstations. Here are a few ideas to consider that will help your team members do their best work.

Employees who spend the better part of each day sitting deserve a decent chair. Being comfortable and maintaining proper posture throughout the work day can help reduce aches and pains and, as a result, improve disposition. If you have staff members who are teetering on 20-year-old rickety task chairs, send them shopping (with a budget) and let them pick out chairs that are a good fit for them.

Whether it’s at the front reception area, in the billing department, at back office workstations, or in the manager’s office, an orderly desktop can boost productivity. Keep frequently used documents at your fingertips with vertical file holders and supplies and tools that you tend to use throughout the day nearby and neat with a handy organizer. Drawers can easily become a mess over time. Try this inexpensive organizer to keep clutter under control.

If you hear staff grumbling while banging old staplers on their desks every time they jam and notice employees developing forearms that rival Serena Williams’ as they struggle to staple through more than two sheets of paper at a time, perhaps it’s time to upgrade to a new “easy touch” model. Here’s a good one to consider. It holds a full strip of staples so refills are needed less often.

Color is king at any desk. Having an array of colored pens and Post-it notes in a variety of hues can cheer up a workspace and be used to maintain order. For example, use yellow sticky notes for routine matters and hot pink ones to send a message that a file or phone call needs immediate attention. Color-coded labels are also helpful for maintaining an orderly desk.

A label maker comes in handy not only for identifying file folders, but they’re also great for organizing exam rooms. No more opening multiple drawers and cabinets to lay your hands on what you’re looking for when each storage unit is clearly marked. This model can be battery operated, making it easy to carry around the office to print labels on the spot.

And, finally, keep productivity at its peak by providing a few healthy snacks for staff (not to mention coffee!). It costs only a little to keep a few things on hand for employees to enjoy. Granola and cereal bars make a quick pick-me-up during a busy day.