Team building activities

Team building activities

Before coming to Medical Arts Press, I managed a team of seven people in a high-paced environment. We were face to face with customers ten hours a day, and were dependent on each other to keep the branch running smoothly. And the days my team got along – those were the best days. Not only were we in high spirits, working efficiently, but those were also our best customer service days.

Employee morale in the office directly affects your practice and patients. If your team is not getting along, as a manager you will spend more time putting out fires than focusing on running an efficient practice.

Team-building activities are a great way to boost employee morale. These activities not only promote communication and bonding within the team but also help the team identify strengths and weaknesses and improve the ability to problem solve.

The internet is a great resource to find team building activities for all team sizes. After some searching, here are a few of my favorite team-building activities I found:

  • Jigsaw puzzle pieces help teams think about collaboration, communication and strategy.
  • Commonalities and uniquities — promotes unity, helps people to realize that they have more in common than may have thought.
  • Trust walk — activity involving leadership and a lot of trust.