5 Apps to help you make healthier habits work

5 Apps to help you make healthier habits work

Managing work and leisure time can be distracting and frustrating. In the past, the ideal solution was leaving post-it and sticky notes everywhere. Today, available habit building apps can map the course of the day for us. Allowing an app to guide the day leaves more room for creativity. Improved productivity, organization, and less stress are the goals. Let a healthy eating app or goal tracker do the work for you. These programs are also valuable outside of the office, since they will happily help organize personal and leisure time and keep your life right on track.

Goal planning apps to get it done

1.) Goal Meter

Successful people reach their goals by planning ahead. Goal Meter is a handy app with several features such as, Goal Tracker, Habit Changer, and To-Do List, that train users on how to set goals. It categorizes tasks according to such criteria as work, exercise, diet, health and happiness, and others. This app serves the same function as a traditional daily or weekly planner, but adds extra functionality, such as keeping track of completion statistics. Goal Meter tracks the amount of time that it takes to complete a task and slots the tasks into your available time. Set it up to keep track of office tasks to manage time spent and to direct effort and attention towards the most important jobs.

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2.) Mindly

Mindly is another popular daily goal planner. It’s designed to make it easy to create mind maps. A replacement for the old cork boards, strings, and thumbtacks of the past, Mind Maps are part flow chart and part network graph. The most useful feature of Mindly is that its fields, forms, and even the overall look of the charts are user-definable. Set up one Mind Map to assign responsibilities on a project. Use another to replace your personal organizer by mapping not only contact information, but the relationships between contacts. Besides personal use, the Mind Maps made with Mindly are also ideal for brainstorming sessions with the rest of the team and other collaborative efforts.

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Get up and move with these good habits apps

3.) 30 Day Fitness Challenge

As fantastic as it is to get ahead at the office, nothing is as important as keeping healthy in mind and body. It can be a challenge to take time out for oneself, but keeping track of fitness makes anyone a better employee. The two main paths to a healthy body are diet and exercise, and each one is critical. As far as physical activity goes, 30 Day Fitness Challenge from Leap Fitness Group is an award-winning good habits app. It allows users to set attainable goals for an entire month ahead and track the progress that they make. A series of video guides demonstrate the proper technique for each of the exercises. Consistently meeting these benchmarks makes it easier to fall into a habit of healthy, regular exercise.

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4.) Stretch Clock

Sitting at a desk all day is not conducive to a healthy lifestyle. Try Stretch Clock, which gives reminders at regular intervals when it’s time to get up and move. This good habit app is designed for use on desktops, and is easy to install on every computer in the office. Each of the exercises that Stretch Clock lists is easy to do while still in the cubicle, which allows users to promote physical fitness while still staying productive.

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Apps for living a healthy lifestyle

5.) MyFitness Pal

MyFitnessPal is a healthy app that allows users to monitor their activity and caloric intake. This daily planner is compatible with FitBits, so users can keep track of the energy that they burn while exercising. At the end of the day this provides an overall picture of how much progress was made towards  meeting weight management and other health goals. Use it to plan work lunches ahead of time or to know which choices to make when going out or getting something from the office vending machine. It’s compatible with both Apple and Android devices, too.

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Tying it all together with a daily goal planner

Life is complicated, and work is a big part of that. There are free tools available to help you manage physical fitness and mental tasks to stay ahead of the game. Keeping in balance lets busy professionals get more out of life by getting the essentials done well and on time. Remember, sharp mind, healthy body, prosperous life.