Creative Office Hacks For Common Products

Creative Office Hacks For Common Products


10 Unique Ways to Use Common Office Supplies

Office supplies are abundant at work, and sometimes they don’t get much use. But paper clips, rubber bands, and notebooks can often do more than their intended use? Try out some of these creative ways to use common products in the office. Some are simple, and others require a little bit of DIY magic.

1. Binder clip wire wrangler

Place binder clips on the edge of the desk and run cords through the metal handles. This keeps cords in place and prevents tangling. You can also label each clip to always know which cord goes to which device.

2. Eraser monogram stamp

Use a utility knife or soldering iron to cut (or burn) a monogram into a rubber eraser. This could be a large eraser, or even the end of a pencil. Use the DIY stamp to place a monogram on letters or forms for a more professional look.

3. Notebook tablet cover

After using up all the pages in a hard back copybook, don’t throw it away. Remove all the paper and use the cover to protect a tablet. Use rubber bands to help hold the cover closed, and bits of plastic to prevent the table from falling out.

4. Sticky note calendar

Sticky notes make fun monthly calendars that you can easily change. Use one note for each day of the week and month. Use different colors for meetings or other important dates. For example, use blue notes for blank days. When you schedule a meeting, remove the blue note and add a bright yellow one in its place with the information written on it.

5. Desk drawer shelf

If you’ve just bought a new desk for the office, use the old one to help with space management. Use shelf brackets to hang the old desk drawers on the wall. They make a great space to store office products. Place one in the bathroom to store toiletries. They also show off your creativity when it comes to office decorations.

6. Clear tape labels

This useful hack helps you re-use file folders. Usually, labels placed on file folder tabs don’t come off easily, and often tear the folder. Place a clear piece of tape on the tab, and then put the label on. The label will remove cleanly, so the folder is reusable.

7. Letter rack for network devices

Use a letter rack with several layers to store network devices. This keeps them all neatly in place and stacked so they take up less space. Slip cords through the back of the letter rack to prevent tangling.

8. Ethernet key chain and rack

If you still have those old Ethernet boxes and cables floating about, turn them into useful key chains. Cut off the plug from the cable and attach it to a key ring. Insert the plug into the cable box to keep the keys safe and within easy reach. Place the cable boxes on the desk, or hang them by the door to grab keys when heading out of the office.

9. 3-ring binder coat hanger

Turn old binders into coat racks by removing the strip of rings of the binder and hanging it on the wall with screws or double-sided tape. This is a quick and easy way to add extra coat storage in the office.

10. Paperclip letter opener

Don’t have a letter opener handy? Unfold one end of a paperclip and use that instead. It’s small enough to fit under closed envelope flaps, but not sharp enough to tear the paper.


Temporary stapling method

This nifty hack teaches how to turn a regular stapler into a temporary binding method. Use this tip when you need papers clipped together in a way that’s easy to remove. Do this by turning the anvil (the metal plate on the inside) 180 degrees. This makes the staples bend up instead of deep into the paper for easy removal.

Use some of all of these neat and creative product supply hacks to help clear up space, make work quicker, or just for fun.