Fight Your Holiday Stress With These 7 Easy Desk Stretches

Fight Your Holiday Stress With These 7 Easy Desk Stretches

Love them or loath them, there’s no denying that the holidays are coming… whether you’re ready or not. While the holidays are usually bright and merry, sometimes they have a tendency of being stressful and demanding. Is it any wonder that Americans exercise less around the holidays than at any other time of the year?

Fortunately, there are a few exercises you can do at your desk to de-stress and keep yourself limber. If you find yourself overcome with holiday stress and fatigue, consider one of the following stretches!

The elbow pull

Sit up straight at your desk and look ahead. Reach into the air with your left hand, then bend it to the right over your head. With your right hand, grab a hold of your left elbow and gently pull. Repeat the process with opposite arms.

Elbow Stretch

The leg extender

Turn to the side and stretch your legs as far as they’ll go. Bend forward, and reach your fingers to your toes. Remained stretched for at least 20 seconds, if possible.

The knee-raiser

While sitting at your desk, raise your left knee and pull it to your chest as if a hug. Lower your knee, then repeat the process with the right knee.

Knee Raiser

The long desk stretch

Raise your hands into the sky and clasp them together. Bend at the waist and slowly lower your head in line with your arms until your arms are parallel with your desk. Reverse the process and raise your arms back up.

The ceiling reacher

This stretch is what it sounds like: you’re reaching for the sky. Drop your left arm to your side and with your right arm, reach as high as you can to the ceiling. Drop your right arm, and repeat the process with your left arm.

Ceiling Stretch

The shoulder shrug

Show your indecision with the shoulder shrug. Raise both shoulders up into a shrug, pull them back, then lower them. Repeat this motion a number of times.

The neck raise

Ever wonder what’s on the ceiling? This is your chance to find out! With your hands clasped behind your back, slowly turn your neck up towards the ceiling until you get a good stretch. Lower your neck, then repeat again.

Neck Stretch

Do you have any favorite desk stretches or exercises? We’d love to hear them in the comments below!