5 Tips for managing your workload

5 Tips for managing your workload

It’s no secret that the 9-to-5 hustle can become stressful and often times overwhelming. No matter what industry you work in or occupation you hold, it seems as though regular hours are extending and weekend work days are becoming fairly frequent. Monday is often our least favorite day of the week for the mere notion that we’ve just begun the trek to Friday. There’s no reason to get down.

When Monday morning hands you a checklist of meetings, projects, and to-do’s, Quill has put together a few tips to help you accurately manage your workload. We know the feeling you get when stepping foot out of the office on Friday and we’re dedicated to helping you get there, one day at a time.

Set Yourself Goals Every Day and Every Week

Wipe away the Monday morning woes by setting yourself strict goals for the week and for the day. Whether you prefer using a goal-setting system put in place by your employer or a simple sheet on your desk that lists out what you hope to accomplish, by doing so, you will make sure that your weekly trajectory eventually ends up at a place where all of your goals are achieved. Goals can be as simple as setting up a meeting to improve internal processes or as large as completing your first client project, it all depends on your weekly outlook.

Schedule Your To-Do’s Based on Priority

While setting yourself goals, you may find that your week is filled with smaller tasks and projects that help you work towards the goals you’ve set. By scheduling your to-do’s based on priority, it will help you deliver on time and manage your workload accordingly. Whether it’s a small to-do like checking in on your manager for feedback or something bigger like delivering your boss a Power Point Presentation, by listing them in order of importance you can ensure yourself that you have time to complete the big rocks of the week.

Block Off Time To Check Email

Depending on the type of company you work for, email influx can vary, but in most cases it’s pretty constant throughout the day. Although you may not be able to check your email consistently throughout the day, it’s important to set aside some time to do so, avoiding the potentially burdening inbox overload. By blocking off specific times throughout the day to check your email, you can ensure that co-workers receive responses in a timely manner and you can manage your workload to make sure nothing is slipping through the cracks. This will also help co-workers understand when they can reach and when you’re out of touch, working on other things.

Your Calendar Is Your Best Friend

With the benefits of technology comes the convenience of being more organized. By using your calendar as your best friend, you can block off your schedule for specific tasks throughout the week so that you know you actually have the proper amount of time to complete any given project, task or meeting. By syncing your calendar with your smart phone, you can receive up to date alerts for your next task or even when and where your next meeting is. By using your calendar to block off time you can also help co-workers manage your schedule when it comes to meetings or setting expectations.

Communicate Properly With Co-workers

Managing your workload essentially comes down to setting expectations. When co-workers expect you to complete tasks, it’s your job to plan your schedule accordingly so you can complete the requested work, while doing it in a stress-free manner. Another aspect of managing the work on your plate is setting expectations for yourself to ensure that you’re striving towards personal business goals and success. By communicating properly with your teammates, you should be able to let them know when you have to pass on a project or meeting or when you can spear-head the next big strategy for the company.

Every week has its ebbs and flows. Some weeks will have you crawling towards the finish line disguised as happy hour on Friday, and other weeks will have you spending time on projects you normally don’t get to work on. It all comes with being a weekday warrior and by managing your workload properly. With the aforementioned tips, Quill hopes to get you to the finish line with grace, because Monday is just right around the corner again.

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