Four Reasons your company needs to be “social”

Four Reasons your company needs to be “social”

It may have started with a personal Facebook account in your college years- it was easy to sign up online and virtually everyone had a page.

You posted pictures and verbal garbage but ultimately, it was nothing serious.

Years down the road, your Facebook account seems like a necessity more than an accessory. You follow rockstars, favorite blogs, and yes, you still have to comment on your mother-in-law’s pictures of her cat.

But bloggers and mother-in-laws are not the only ones getting social these days.

With over 1.2 billion global Facebook users, small businesses and large companies have been toppling over each other trying to get their own slice of social media glory.

And remember, that’s just Facebook! There’s also Twitter, and Tumblr, and Instagram, just to name a few.

Stop dragging your feet. It’s time to take the plunge into the rewarding and scary world of social media. Not convinced? Here are four reasons why its time for your company to get social.

1. Social Media Helps You Deliver

Customer service, that is. Twitter and other social media platforms have millions of daily active users often making it the first port of call for many customers that have pre-sale questions or that need product support.

It goes without saying that unanswered customer questions can make your business look unprofessional.

It is crucial that your company is visible on the types of social networking sites that your customers are likely to use and that you are regularly monitoring your account.

This allows you to have real-time communication with your customers. Basic logic would assume that caring companies turn out happy customers who, in turn, drive positive brand-sentiment.

Make it easy and convert your customers into loyal brand shoppers before they even step foot in your store.

2. Social Media Gives You a Rep

Potential customers are flooded with different product alternatives.

They are often overwhelmed and want an easy way to authenticate and connect with a business options they are considering.

Social media is an easy way to fill a potential customer with trust.

If a potential customer sees that your company is active on social media accounts, ready to answer questions and will step up to the plate when it comes to customer service it signals to them that your company is approachable and easy to work with.

3. Social Media is Social (Duh!)

It goes without saying that social media is just about as social as you can get with your client-base.

Sure, you see them when they drop into your store for the occasional purchase or transaction (that is, if you have a storefront!) but with social media, your business will be able to integrate itself into your customer’s everyday life.

Whether it is a simple post wishing everyone a pleasant weekend or a short seasonal sale promotion, social media is an excellent way to keep your business or brand in the mind of your customers.

Ultimately, it means that you can influence their purchasing decisions while helping to foster customer loyalty and repeat business.

4. Social Media Peer Pressure

Peer pressure isn’t just for high schoolers.

The most compelling reason to join a social media platform is because your competition is probably active as well. Being active in social media not only puts your business in the game, it is a free way to conduct market research which will allow you to differentiate your brand.

When perusing another company’s social media account, ask yourself:

  • How does this company brand themselves on social media?
  • Does this company have the same client base as my company?
  • What sorts of products and services do they offer? Is my company offering something different?
  • How engaged is the company? Do they answer their client questions promptly?

Ultimately, social media campaigns are generally a slice of a much larger branding and advertising structure.

However, with so many customers engaging regularly in social media platforms, it would be a significant oversight to not tap into these free resources.

I’ll say it again, social media is a free way to engage with millions of potential clients.

So what are you waiting for? With literally nothing to lose and so much to gain it is time to launch your business into 21st century one clever “tweet” at a time.

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