Handy tools to keep at your desk

Handy tools to keep at your desk

Unless your workplace is a construction site, you can often find yourself without the tools you need to grasp a hard to reach object, loosen a hex nut, install some basic hardware, or other day-to-day tasks. Keeping these six tools handy will help fix these issues so you can get back to work.

  1. Flashlight

    Whether it’s the power going out, something valuable falling behind a cabinet, or a blown bulb, there’s plenty of situations where you need a light. While your phone may do in a pinch, you also might want to conserve battery, or need something with a handle. A good flashlight will fill the gap, and there are several multi-tool flashlights, like the Stalwart 12-in-1, that have small hand tools that can also be useful.

  2. Grabber

    If you need to reach for something off of a high shelf or file cabinet but don’t want to stand on a ladder or risk falling, it’s nice to have a helpful tool. The Unger Nifty-Nabber, 36 inch Grabber is useful for reaching things on high shelves as well as picking up items that have fallen behind file cabinets or other hard to reach places.

  3. Claw hammer

    Claw hammers are useful not just for driving nails, but also as a lever. You probably don’t have room for a full-sized crowbar in your desk, but the claw on a hammer is great for prying open crates, getting leverage on items that are stuck together, pulling nails and tacks out of walls, or taking apart already broken items that won’t fit in dumpsters. To save space, look for an 8 oz hammer, which will have a shorter handle. A nice bonus is a magnet in the head you can stick screws and nails to, which will help you stay organized.

  4. Utility blade

    As internet shipping becomes part of daily office life, so to does the proliferation of packing materials, boxes, and other items you need to break down. A utility blade, also called a box cutter, can help you cram a surprising number of boxes into that recycling bin. Utility blades come in two forms; a long blade kept in a handle with striations that let you snap off the end when it gets dull, like the Stanley QuickPoint, or the standard which uses a blade you can flip after one side loses its edge. Both, however, require care and handling when disposing of the blade, so ask whoever is in charge of maintenance how they’d prefer you deal with dull blades.

  5. Tape measure

    Even with modern measuring apps, there’s a lot to be said for the convenience of a good tape measure. Especially for office moves and awkward packages, getting exact measurements can save everyone a lot of time and aggravation. Look for a 10′ to 12′ tape, which should be fine for most office needs.

  6. Wrench

    Most bolts and nuts, such as those found on office furniture, use hexagonal heads. Hand-tightening is possible, but it only goes so far, so it’s a good idea to keep a wrench of some sort handy. The classic adjustable wrench is always a great choice.