Shared Cart will change the way you order supplies

Shared Cart will change the way you order supplies

I have been in the workforce for over 30 years, and while many things have changed, there has been a constant in the workplace: the administrative assistant who keeps the office running smoothly. I remember the names of most of the admins that have supported my work, not only because they were important in helping me get things done, but also because I forged personal friendships with several of them.

But while the admin’s central role has not changed, the tools and technology they use have: From the evolution of typewriters to Wang word processors to PCs and Macs, to not just scheduling meetings, but setting up telepresence units and managing teleconference meetings. Perhaps the most dramatic change is their span of support. Instead of one admin supporting 10 or 12 people, they often support teams of 30-50 people. Of course, technology has enabled some of this increase thanks to new efficiencies, but the end result is that office admins and office managers are supporting more people and taking on new tasks, making the job more demanding in many ways.

Throughout it all, one job has not changed (until today): the office admin or office manager is usually THE KEY person responsible for compiling office supply lists and ordering the supplies needed to run the office.  Unfortunately, this is often a cumbersome task. Colleagues drop off empty wrappers, leave sticky notes somewhere on the desk, or send an email with what they need. It’s left to the admin to collect all these pieces and assemble an organized list—a job that can be inefficient and time consuming.

Introducing Shared Cart

That is why we conceived the idea of Shared Cart at We wanted to find a way to free the admin from the collection and assembly of the product list, but keep her in control of placing the final order.

Shared Cart is a simple and efficient way of ordering office products: 1) create a Shared Cart; 2) share it with employees in the office and let THEM add the products they need to the cart; 3) review their requests (and approve or remove specific items), add coupons and check out!

Admins never again have to cobble together orders from random stickies, scraps of paper, emails and drive-by requests, freeing them to have more time for their growing list of responsibilities.  Create a Shared Cart on today, and look for an enhanced version to be launched on May 12.

As Administrative Assistant Day comes upon us, we thank all the admins across America who keep supply rooms stocked, employees content, and businesses running smoothly. Thanks for all the work you do. We built Shared Cart for you, and we hope it simplifies your work life.