The best desks to fit your workspace

The best desks to fit your workspace

When it comes to furnishing your office, selecting a desk that meets your personal needs is a great place to start. After all, it’s where you typically spend most of your workday. With a variety of features and add-ons to choose from, it’s essential to consider the factors that are most important to you before you buy. Here are some of the key features you may want from a desk, and how you can get them into your office sooner rather than later.


Storage space is a very popular office luxury right now. If you’d like to cut down on all the freestanding storage taking up space in your office, a desk with built-in storage may be your answer. It not only allows for a more coherent style, but it can also help contain the storage items in a single area.

Desk with built-in storage

Double-pedestal desks offer two different storage cabinets built into the legs, leaving a cutout for the knees. A single pedestal desk offers less storage but more knee space, depending on the size of the top.

If you have a corner that can accommodate the height of a hutch, an L-shaped double-pedestal desk with a hutch greatly maximizes storage capabilities vertically, instead of horizontally. It also allows for more desktop space for laying out and sorting materials.

Space savers

To maximize your space even more, a workstation that holds the computer, printer and a few shelves provides a compact desk option. It doesn’t have the storage capacity that a conventional desk does, but as far as saving space goes, it does the trick.

For tablet and laptop-centric businesses that don’t require the use of a pc, an even skinnier option is the wall-mounted fold-up desk. Often seen in medical facilities, they are also becoming popular furnishing pieces for students’ and children’s rooms. Certain models are made to carry the weight of a laptop while others are not. Be sure to check the description before purchasing.

Standing desks

For those who are concerned about the long-term effects of sitting at a desk for hours every day, standing desks are a viable alternative to the sitting desk.

Attachment pieces, like adjustable arms made for use with a laptop, can have your existing workspace going from sit to stand within seconds. More than just a height adjustor for the monitor, such attachment pieces are versatile for a raised (or lowered) partial desktop.

Even better is a fully adjustable desk that can move the entire top from sitting to standing and vice versa with the turn of a handle. They may not have the storage capacity of some other desks, but if you want a multipurpose desk that caters to your health, it’s a win.

Special-purpose desks

Depending on what it is you do at your workstation, your desk may require special features beyond what a typical desk can provide.

woman working on a drafting table

A drafting and drawing table is designed with an adjustable tilted top for those who will be using a pen or pencil at least as much, if not more, than they will a computer. Most drafting tables are stool height and do not provide desk space for a laptop or PC, but a rare few do.

In order to lay out materials for design or cutting purposes, a standing or stool-height work table, often with height-adjustable legs, is convenient. While there is typically little to no attached storage, the broader top allows for rearrangement of items as needed.

If mobility plays an essential part in your everyday work, a sturdy wheeled workstation may be more to your benefit. Storage is usually limited on mobile workstations, but some options come with shelving to accommodate extra materials.

New desk, new you

The items you choose to furnish your office with can make a big difference when it comes to feeling comfortable and increasing productivity. There are a few basic requirements every workspace will typically need, which means for many years desks were standardized and general. Fortunately, there are now so many different options available, which means choosing a desk can be a lot more individualized.

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