6 Great Secret Santa gifts for under $50

6 Great Secret Santa gifts for under $50

“This gift is a reflection of how much you value our working relationship and if you screw this up it’ll be a really, really, really awkward year.

This is what I’m pretty sure all my coworkers think during Secret Santa. It can be so much pressure to try and get your boss or coworker something great, appropriate, and reasonably priced during the holiday season. What to do?

Rest easy faithful Quill reader, for I have dug through the Quill catalog and found six amazing gifts that are appropriate for just about anyone you work with. The best part? They’re all under $50! So strap in and pick out your next holiday gift with peace of mind because I have you covered.

The Science of Good Cooking (Cook’s Illustrated Cookbooks)

Why I love this: This book is amazing for anyone who likes to cook. It’s a fascinating read that goes deep into the chemistry of how our food is made, and will make an unusual but thoughtful gift for your local office chef.

Price: $31.79

Buy it here!

Mrs. Fields Classic Brownie Tin

Why I love this: Everyone loves food during the holidays, and giving someone these brownies is guaranteed to earn you many brownie points. Get it? Brownie points?

I’ll see myself out.

In all seriousness, these brownies are awesome. I picked this one because it’s a good share size, but the Quill edible gifts selection has a lot of great varieties of sizes/price ranges/cookie and brownie combinations you can look through.

Price: $26.99.

Buy it here!

Creative Haven Mehndi Designs Adult Coloring Book

Why I love this: Adult coloring books are one of those great things you can get someone you don’t know all that well. They aren’t too expensive, most people like them, and they’re a lot of fun. I highly recommend this for a new coworker or someone who you know lives a stressful life and needs a coloring break now and then.

Price: $7.49

Buy it here!

Bey-Berk G530 Spinner Decision Maker Paperweight

Why I love this: I think of all the gifts on this list, this is my favorite for a boss or supervisor. This paperweight serves a practical purpose as well as being a pretty funny, but not inappropriate gift.

Price: $21.49

Buy it here!

Pro Style Bristle Dart Board

Why I love this: On its own a dartboard is a fun, sporty gift that works for just about anyone. If you are giving this to someone you know really well, you can ramp it up a notch with a few pictures to pin to the dartboard like a hated broken vending machine or any other inside joke.

Price: $27.19

Buy it here!

Bey-Berk BB17 Mach 3 Razor and Pure Badger Brush

Why I love this: Good, quality shaving stuff is such a great investment but people rarely think to get something like this for themselves. Giving someone this set is demonstrating a high degree of class and thoughtfulness. As an aside, don’t discount this gift for ladies! Women appreciate a high quality shave just as much as men do.

Price: $43.99

Buy it here!

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