Five office essentials that promote wellness at work

Five office essentials that promote wellness at work

Employees spend up to eight hours or more at work. To promote better productivity, it’s best to place wellness products in the office. These can include seating, lighting, air and water purifiers, and other products that help employees improve posture, promote good circulation, and keep air and water sources purified. The best work is done in the best possible environment. Adding just five pieces to your workspace will help you and your staff work more efficiently and produce better results!

Ergonomic chairs

Employees have a limited range of motion and a series of repetitive tasks that must be completed. Ergonomic furniture addresses limitations and repetitive tasks to reduce injuries and pain. Ergonomic chairs specifically allow for better posture and can be adjusted for flexibility. They balance the position of the body so that there is little to no stress on the back. These specialized chars address multiple pressure points along the spine with tilt adjustments, and have a sleek and chic designs to compliment any office space. These features not only offer maximum relaxation, they help generate better energy. Other amazing “seating” options include Ball Chairs and Treadmill Desks, both designed to keep the body in motion while the mind is working!

Light therapy

Proper lighting allows work to be seen, but also helps take excess strain off the eyes. Written and typed text viewed in abundance can overwork eyesight. The glare of computers can do the same. Light therapy can eradicate this stress. Being indoors can mean a lesser amount of sunlight and frequent travel can produce jet lag. Light therapy addresses the actual lighting in the space to help vision focus better and also improves the mood of the person(s) within its reach. Many newer lamps are designed to enhance your mood by displaying natural sunlight, which can remove depression and eliminate exhaustion. Portable options can be used in different areas of the office or home, and during different times of the day.  You can also try lamps with bulbs that reflect the semblance of sunlight as well as LED lamps. Good lighting promotes great energy – which produces amazing work results!

Air purifiers

A good mood is like a breath of fresh air. Identically, a breath of fresh air can increase and improve your mood. Office spaces typically don’t have an open window policy, due to outside noise. Air purifiers allow air to be cleaned and filtered so that good energy and scents can flow. They not only address contaminants in the air, but also remove allergens. Being able to have a clean air unit at the office will ensure that your employees can perform at the highest level of comfort.  Control systems on the purifiers are easy-to-use and allow for a timer to be used. Other options are compact tabletop air purifying units and tall, slender area model units. Both work for individual offices or cubicles.

Fitness trackers

Whether there are multiple locations within the work campus, or beautiful scenery to enjoy during a lunch break, fitness trackers allow employees to monitor their health, set goals, document caloric intake and monitor heart rate. They are often sleek, modern, and chic and the perfect addition to a New Employee Welcome Kit! More advanced trackers tell the time, receive emails, SMS texts, and social media updates, have a pedometer to monitor steps and measures the distance traveled. Additionally, they calculate calories burned, have reminder alarm settings, set user goals and are water resistant. The optional bluetooth capability allows staff to maintain contact while enjoying their break. Fitness trackers encourage health and wellness and give a real time documentation of performance. This is essential for office health as it shows exactly what measures of productivity are effective and how simple walk patterns or breaks can change the scope of their health. Other models include trackers that allow phone calls from the device and trackers that operate more like a traditional digital watch.

Water bottles

Small yet impactful, water bottles on hand throughout the day promote hydration and clear thinking. Staying hydrated allows employees to work at optimum speed and efficiency. Traditional waters bottles are great. But for a long work day, a water bottle that’s bigger and keeps the temperature of your beverage longer is ideal. Many today are BPA free, hold 32 ounces of water and keep the temperature of cold drinks for 24 hours and hot drinks for 4.75 hours. Lids can become a cup or an opening for pouring. Other awesome water bottles include stainless steel water bottles and water hydration units that can be placed in a central location for the entire office.

Wellness in the workplace is essential! Create a suggestion sheet of products that promote employee wellness. Larger products, like ergonomic chairs and air purifiers, are great for the company to provide, as the overall air quality and company seating should benefit everyone. Holding a raffle for wellness product giveaways, or placing these products in the incentive packages for performance reviews and new hire packages are great ways to get the smaller wellness products into the hands of your employees!

When your staff works in an environment that helps them cultivate and maintain great health, they will work smarter, more efficiently, and have a healthy body and mind, while they serve the company and its clients.

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