How to absorb freelancers into your workforce

How to absorb freelancers into your workforce

How well is your company equipped at handling freelancers at the workplace? Considering the different time zones and places freelancers work from, it can be a herculean task to manage and coordinate everything, especially if it involves teamwork.

Communication is key

It’s necessary to make regular phone calls to freelancers so both parties remain clear on work progress. This also eliminates most misunderstanding and confusion. With so many social platforms available, it has become easier and more convenient to coordinate the work among the freelancers and the office.

Regularly invite the freelancers for virtual platform group discussions and meetings.

Use digital avenues such as Google Hangouts, Skype, and so on to keep freelancers updated about work progress and well connected to the team.

Instead of working with them individually, involve freelancers more by allowing them to network and connect with the entire team. You want to create and form a learning organization.

Freelancers and their managers need to develop trust as soon as possible. Oftentimes, freelancers will be expected to be even more productive than full-time employees because they are probably being paid at a high hourly rate for their work.

Make the work environment freelancer friendly

It’s important to make freelancers feel comfortable about company work ethic and ground rules.

  • Establish a project calendar and break tasks down into smaller deadlines so it’s easier to keep track of work progress and due dates.
  • Discuss terms of payment before the freelancer begins working for you. This will help ease any trepidation and will prevent an awkward conversation down the line.
  • Broaden your possibilities of working with more and better freelancers instead of only working with local folks by making the work environment more flexible. Regulate tasks that can be completed online – you’ll get more applicants, and email correspondence is simple.
  • During the hiring process, the more you’re aware of your firm’s values and requirements, the better the chances are that you’ll hire people that fit into that ideal.

Tools for freelancer management

Certain automated tools have significantly eased the common challenges firms face when coordinating the management of freelancers.

  • ResourceGuru. Most people hire freelancers because of the flexibility it offers. Serious talent can be acquired without relocating anyone. This poignant tool enables you to see the schedule of your team members such as when they are available and so on. The freelancers can update their schedule on the tool and the supervisor or team leader can assign work to them based on their availability.
  • Dropbox. This well-known file sharing and cloud storage tool is used by over 40% of Fortune 500 companies. This software has become a hit with companies because of its flexible adaptability. Using Dropbox you can instantly share large files which can be immediately synced with any device. Dropbox also supports almost any operating system including Linux, Mac and Windows.
  • Zoom. One of the best tools for organizing online meetings with your team, Zoom helps you to collaborate, whiteboard, and schedule conferences as a team. Participants have the flexibility to join the conference through various devices ranging from a computer to their smart phone. It comes with call recording that can be used for reviewing the meeting and jotting down key points after it’s over.
  • Jing. Knowing how challenging it is to loop in freelancers during the training process, this tool helps you with effective curation of training videos. It video captures your screen and provides you with the option of adding an audio recording to the video. This curated video can be shared with new employees – eliminating the redundancy of going over the training phase again and again.

Value your team

It’s vital to recognize each employee’s efforts and provide them with positive feedback when they perform well. This can leave a lasting impression on them, and increases the chances that your freelancers will want to continue to work with you.

You’ll realize the benefits of freelancers when see the savings they bring to the firm. Freelancers provide an out-of-the-box perspective in comparison to your full-time hires. Plus, they are mostly removed from office gossip and drama – giving them the opportunity for maximum productivity. Freelancers are also more likely to work through projects to completion, even if that means working late or on weekends. They are paid for their time and their work, so producing completed projects is a great motivation for getting compensated.

Final word

Some of the points that we’ve discussed here should help you tackle and cope with the delicate and far ranging situations you might face while working with freelancers. If you’re contemplating opening the door to freelance employees or allowing some of your in office workers to remain at home, you are going to want to be prepared.

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