How to balance your work space with Feng Shui

How to balance your work space with Feng Shui

Keeping your desk organized and functional can be tricky.  Bring balance to your workspace with Feng Shui (pronounced “Fung Shway”) – the Chinese practice of design that brings positive energy to your work environment.

bagua map

First steps: The Bagua Map

Think of the Bagua Map as the Feng Shui blueprint – it can be applied to any space. Before getting started, make sure that your desk is positioned forwards, facing a door or main entrance. Is your cube in a corner with your back to the wall? Use a mirror to provide rear-view visibility. Seeing opportunities arrive allows you to seize them.

Start fresh

Clear your desk – put your supplies into containers and tuck them away into shelves or drawers. Then, wipe down all surfaces. Once you have a clear slate to work with, think of your goals and imagine the Bagua Map over your work space. Depending on the size and shape of your desk you might have to get a little creative. If you do not have space for small objects in different areas of your desk, you can focus the Bagua Map onto your bulletin board.

Stay creative

The Bagua Map is just a guideline for achieving Feng Shui in your personal work environment. Think of objects that you personally associate to each category, without forgetting the goals you had in mind when you started. Do not try to fill every area of the Bagua Map, more than 50% of your desk should be clear. Instead think about 2-3 areas that are most important to you, and closely align with your own personal and professional goals.

A closer look at the nine sections of the Bagua Map

  1. Wealth and prosperity

    You can use this space to attract wealth – think about putting a plant, your change, or your computer here.

  2. Fame and reputation

    Showcase your accomplishments or name plate here.

  3. Love and relationships

    If you’re looking for love, place a flower here. Paired up? Place an image of the two of you and keep your love blooming.

  4. Family

    Try a family photo in a wooden frame. Or, perhaps wooden keepsakes or souvenirs.

  5. Health

    Keep this area clear to promote healthy energy while you work.

  6. Creativity

    Promote this positive characteristic by keeping something inspiring or made of metal here.

  7. Knowledge and wisdom

    If your goal is to learn something new or to make better calculated decisions, place a reference book or a picture of something that exudes intelligence in this section.

  8. Career

    This is another area to keep clear, especially in your office. If this area is one you want to focus on, think about putting a motivational quote here.

  9. Helpful people and travel

    Keep your phone, rolodex, or stack of business cards here when you need to rely on your team. This area also represents travel, keep an image or memento of your travels past and future here.

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