How to Create a Clutter-Free Classroom

How to Create a Clutter-Free Classroom

Setting up a clutter-free classroom provides a wealth of benefits for the students and teacher. A well-organized room keeps students on task and ensures supplies are available for each lesson plan. Organization reduces stress and creates a positive learning environment for all ages, and it looks professional in the eyes of parents and other educators. Shop Quill for a wide variety of organizational tools and supplies to keep your classroom neat.

Using classroom organization to make the most of a space

Space management is important, especially in small classrooms or those with limited storage space. Choose pen holders on the desk to free up space inside a desk drawer and opt for stacking trays or hanging filing systems that make use of vertical space instead of floor space. Remove excess or over-sized furniture and use small bean bag chairs or pillows for the floor. Round or kidney-shaped tables take up less space than individual desks and help create a positive flow of ideas among students.

Take advantage of a school’s supply closet and store rarely used equipment, like overhead projectors, out of the way. Make use of every tiny space by storing manipulatives in resealable bags and hanging them from a clothesline or attach shelves to the walls to display books.

Decluttering classroom supplies

Go through the classroom and keep only the items that impact student learning. Use labeled plastic storage bins to store daily supplies. Place them on bookshelves or on countertops within reach for students use. Separate items by type to make them easier to locate and use numbered cubbies for student’s belongings. Organized supplies save time and keep the focus on learning.

Eliminate distraction with classroom management

Store toys, electronics, and other tempting items in locked storage cabinets to eliminate distractions. During the day, keep hall doors closed to keep the focus on the center of the room. Clean chalkboards and dry erase boards daily so only current messages and information is on display.

Choosing from a variety of storage solutions

There are plenty of classroom storage and lockers to choose from for educational settings. Double-sided lockers take up less floor space and work well in the center of the room. Stacking file organizers offer a solution for storing graded papers and student artwork, while plastic art caddies keep paint, paintbrushes, and other supplies housed together in an easy-to-carry container. Other storage options include a mobile organizer that moves freely around the room when handing out papers and supplies or collapsible crates that store flat when not in use. Woven baskets let students see what’s inside without removing everything, and teachers may use a wheeled bag that makes it possible to carry items to and from home or from one classroom to the other.

The start of a new school year provides an excellent opportunity to fine tune any classroom space. A clutter-free room takes minimal effort, and tidiness becomes second nature to students and teachers once the routines are in place.

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