How to entertain your kids when you need to bring them to work

How to entertain your kids when you need to bring them to work

Whether it’s because of a holiday or a cancelled sitter, sometimes dragging your little one(s) into the office is unavoidable. Here’s six ideas you can use to keep them distracted until you can go home, put them in bed, and crack open a bottle of wine.

    1. Abandon your cell phone

      It’s pretty scary to be without your phone (mine is within arm’s reach at all times) but the hypnotic screen can be the perfect distraction to keep kids quiet. If possible, download an app to restrict access to ensure they aren’t ordering stuff online or watching gory movies, and keep your phone clean of any private pictures or information. Then, let them watch YouTube videos or play a game.

    2. Printable activity sheets

      A good, low-tech solution for keeping your kids busy is to print out coloring sheets/puzzles from the internet for them to occupy themselves with. This is a great last minute solution if you don’t have time to prepare beforehand, and need something to keep them quiet for an hour so you can get a big presentation done on time.

    3. Make them into office helpers

      Does the office kitchen need cleaning? Does the microwave need a wipe? Does the trash in the boss’s office need taking out? Do things need to be filed in the file room? Congratulations to you and your company, you have little helpers for the day that will work for free!

    4. Take regular outside breaks

      I highly recommend having a few walks outside during the day with your kids if you are keeping them there longer than a couple of hours. The change of scenery and exercise will help keep them entertained and fresh air will get them focused when you return indoors.

    5. Make office supplies into toys

      If you’re creative, just about anything can be made into a toy. Binder clips can be made into scorpion sculptures, paper can be turned into origami swans, hole punch paper leftovers can be confetti, and rubber bands can be gathered to be put into rubber band balls. There’s no limit to a child’s imagination and the creativity they can apply to simple office supplies.

    6. Craft gifts for your coworkers

      This is a great way to keep the small ones busy, and to get a few brownie points from your boss/coworkers. A few ideas include making decorative snowflakes for your coworkers’ desks, drawing them pictures, and even making play dough pencil cups. No one can resist a heartfelt gift from an adorable kid, and if it keeps your kids busy and quiet – that’s just a bonus.

Working parents don’t always have it easy, and all too often the work life balance can be tough to achieve when life requires you to take your kids to work. I salute you, working parents, and I hope these tips help keep you more productive and your kids have more fun while they’re in your office.

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