How to keep your office safe and secure

How to keep your office safe and secure

This is a topic that a lot of employees take for granted … except for office administrators of small companies and offices! If an office isn’t safe and secure for its employees, those same employees can’t do the best job possible. Follow these tips to be the best “chief security officer” you can be …

Employee access to the office

You will want to make sure your office has secure locks and an effective alarm system. Also, how will employees have access to your office? Will each one have a key? Badge? You will need to figure out the best way for employees to access the office in a safe and secure way to prevent potential theft from outside intruders. Will the office be technically available 24/7, or just during certain hours? What is to be done if one of the employees that previously had keys is terminated? These are all things you need to think about.

Employee knowledge of what to do in an emergency

Not just important for new hires! You will want to make sure all of your employees know exactly what to do and where to go in case of any type of emergency. For example, where is the nearest exit in case of a fire? Where do employees go during a tornado? Where is the nearest fire extinguisher? Where should people meet outside in case of an evacuation?

Also, your employees will need to know how to dial 911. Should they just use their cell phones? If there are office desk phones or Skype, for example, do they need to dial “0-1” first, or something similar? This type of information needs to be established and shared with employees, and it might be YOUR job to do so.

Cyber security

Computer passwords are a common issue here. Here are some tips to create “hard to hack” passwords…

  • The best passwords have no pattern
  • Consider turning letters into numbers
  • Insert a few capital letters randomly within the word
  • Add a few random characters
  • Make it longer, if you can memorize it easily
  • Passphrase: pick a memorable phrase from something you like, like a favorite poem or movie line
  • Avoid using the same password for different accounts

And there you have it! Safety first.

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