How to manage your time as a business owner

How to manage your time as a business owner

Owning a business can be a fantastic but overwhelming adventure. Sometimes there are truly just not enough hours in the day. These five steps can help you relieve some pressure and allow you to enjoy the process.

  1. Find a website for all your business needs

    Businesses needs supplies, preferably acquired easily and hassle-free. Ordering from a website with bulk inventory could make that dream come true. Find an online retailer that offers such bulk ordering as well as automatic reorder. If they have a wide variety of products – from ink and toner to coffee and snacks – even better. Utilizing such a website could save you multiple store visits or from having to browse multiple sites.

  2. Hire interns

    College students are continuously looking for internships to add relevant experience to their resumes. By hiring an intern, the small business owner could get an (inexpensive) extra pair of hands to manage the daily minutiae, leaving the owner to tackle more critical tasks.

  3. Set clear goals and write them down

    An important part of managing your time effectively is to set clear goals. Ideally, there should be three categories: items to be accomplished right now, short term goals, and long term goals. These goals should be written down and appropriately fleshed out. Make sure they can be realistically accomplished – don’t overwhelm yourself. Making these goals will allow you to focus on what must be done immediately and what can be put off a little longer.

  4. Make a clear daily list

    Once you’ve isolated your goals to be accomplished immediately, you can make yourself a daily list. By doing this, you will no longer have to waste precious time trying to organize yourself every morning and trying to figure out what must done. Having a concise and simple list smooths out your day, making you more efficient. Plus, it’s fun and rewarding to be able to check off the items as you complete them.

  5. Use technology to your advantage

    Technology may seem overwhelming but it was actually created to benefit humankind, so use it! A business owner can benefit from programs that can schedule social media updates and manage blog postings, internet promotions, and online customer services. Once a business sets the service up, very little maintenance or updating is required. Or, a very simple step like enrolling in autopay for your business expenses could save trips to the bank and post office. Setting alarms and reminders can keep your day on track and allow you to seamlessly move from one task to another.

Time management is a skill that must be practiced. Business owners have chosen a lifestyle that does not generally include a job that is only from 9-5, so they must manage their continuous business commitments while still trying to have a life. For them, time management can be a lifeline.

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