How to sustain office morale

How to sustain office morale

Office morale is a deep component to daily operations. For this reason, it holds an elaborate weight on your overall mission. Creating an action plan that can be tailored to your company and implemented, is an exercise that will have a great long term impact on the environment for your staff. Energy is contagious! And if negative or stagnant energy is left unaddressed, it can affect the entire team. Putting in effort to sustain office morale will keep the energy at great levels so that a solution will always be present if an employee desires to enhance personal performance.

It doesn’t take much to alter the office environment or to enhance morale on an individual level. Along with their experience, delve into the measures that will enhance your own experience as well. As you read through the provided tips, take note of what you would need to gain a fresh wave of energy. This allows you to see the experience from their perspective and to also start the energy shift from the top downward, so that you’re creating an example.

Every once in a while your office environment may need a boost in order to increase productivity and to keep all measures aligned. Whether you are the manager of a large office that wants to create great solutions on hand, or are operating an office environment that needs an overhaul to revitalize productivity immediately, the following steps will help you cultivate renewed vigor and excitement.

Guide your employees to focus on what is important

Daily tasks can create a mundane energy that leads to monotony quickly. Each and every employee that you have is valuable! When they see that this is recognized, the morale on an individual and collective level increases naturally. There may be times where external factors are playing a role in an employee’s performance. External factors include familial issues, financial troubles and situations that need medical attention. Create an action plan that lists and/or provides services that address and offset external stress. List financial services recommendations, programs for depression management, alternative health service providers and stress elimination activities such as yoga and pilates.

Revive the energy

Redesign the office environment! A change in scenery, no matter how big or small, can dramatically alter how people feel. New is exciting! And, everyone works harder when they are inspired. Install bio walls, zen gardens, indoor water displays and other natural elements to the entryway to inspire staff upon their arrival. Stock the office with healthy snacks and start weekly catered lunches of healthy choices that will energize them right at the midway point of the day, (when most would come back from a lunch break ready to slow down.) When great options are in-house, plentiful, healthy and free, your staff will see the environment as a great energy boost during their work day. Plan monthly themed events! Schedule home-style potluck dinners, movie nights, bowling outings, or hiking trips. Regularly scheduled events that are not work related allow employees to get to know one another on a deeper level and share energy in a spirit of camaraderie!

Usher in new experiences

Our commonalities and our differences are what bring us together. Everyone has something to learn and everyone has something that they can teach. Maintain diversity within the workplace. Gift your staff with new experiences by hiring people from all different backgrounds, races, ethnicities and ages. A diverse set of individuals will have not only a diverse skillset but will have more to share than what meets the eye. Over time, this energy will stay at an influx because there is always something new to experience. It also enhances larger events. Plan professionally hosted staff bonding retreats. Team retreats are designed to challenge, strengthen and expand horizons, so that each individual member of the staff and the staff as a whole, can focus on their integral part within the overall company mission. Lastly, have an open door policy so that everyone feels that they are heard. New experiences and decor will reach your employees in an amazing way, but it will have a lasting impact when your employees know that they can reach you in any way as well! Be willing to be available and the office morale will soar!

Perhaps the most advantageous action you can take in addition to the above tips, is to consider the feedback from your team. Ask them what they need on an individual level and collectively, to boost their morale. And then seek to provide that. Find a new way to recreate the on-boarding experience for them. This reminds you of their importance within the company so that you can continue to discover and implement new ways to inspire them. Without your employees, your company would not be able to remain in business. Remind them that they are appreciated by taking the time to give them the best space to provide you with their talent and hard work. When people feel appreciated, they are empowered and work better. They notice their contribution and take the role seriously, which in turn helps them perform better as a unit.

Every office environment can use an occasional tune-up! Strategize the best ways to integrate the above ideas into your office to sustain morale and peak performance!

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