How to throw a fun and creative office birthday party

How to throw a fun and creative office birthday party

Avoid “going through the motions” for the next office birthday. Consider these tips to have a fun and meaningful time with your whole team.


To fully surprise the special birthday coworker, festivity organizers must step up. It’s their responsibility to get everyone on the same page a few days prior to the celebration. With sufficient reminders about time and logistics through work email or a messaging app, each person in the office will be aware when a birthday celebration is close. If possible, decorate the breakrooom a bit! Just ensure the birthday person is left out of this message chain!

Make it a surprise

Five or ten minutes before the party is set to begin, each colleague, at random times, needs to subtly make their way to the break room, or wherever everyone is gathered. A lone colleague may need to stay back to distract the birthday girl. That’s when everybody quietly converges on her and starts to break out in singing or maybe even confetti throwing. Surprising the special birthday person is half the fun!

Get creative

It could be fun to have colleagues write a poem for the birthday person. Be sure to organize them all to fit in the birthday card in an easily readable fashion. During the party, pass around the card for colleagues to read their work, or have her read each poem aloud. Either way, it can be lively, interactive and really fun.

Get out of the office

Head to a restaurant and work it around lunch time. If it’s Friday and the restaurant is within walking distance, share a little wine and take your time returning to the office. Laugh and be joyous. Friday’s unfinished afternoon work can wait until Monday.

Other fun ideas for the team could be miniature golf for warm weather birthdays or even an escape room. It’s great for team camaraderie!

Feed the fun

No birthday celebration is complete without cake or sweets. Get creative and have a competition to see who can make the best party punch. If health is important to some people, include veggies and dip, or even fruit salad. If you’re headed to a restaurant, you’ll have lots of choices, too!

Implement awesome gifting options

Maybe ask each colleague to buy a gag gift for the birthday girl, especially for a small team. Add an exciting twist – make the birthday celebrator guess which person gave her which gift. Or, set a gift budget and have each colleague chip in for something bigger, like an office decoration or something the entire office can use.

Have a plan and stick to it

Whatever your office policy is on birthdays – help put a plan in place. Make sure the people in charge of the planning are strong communicators and organizers, so everything goes smoothly. Depending on the amount of people in your office, certain particulars may have to be tweaked. Just make sure to do something fun and meaningful!

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