How to troubleshoot printer and copier problems

How to troubleshoot printer and copier problems

Whether you’re dealing with a major paper jam, or your faxes aren’t being received, when the copier/printer isn’t working – it’s a problem.

  1. Paper jams

    Whether you’re trying to fax a large file, or make a copy of a 50 page document, a paper jam is eventually inevitable. When your copier gets a paper jam, the first thing you will want to do is try to retrieve the paperwork you have without ripping it to pieces. A few strong tugs or twists can result in a rip, which won’t please whoever needs the document. From the receiving end, slowly move the jammed paper left and right, and it should eventually get the jammed paper unstuck

  2. Low ink cartridge

    When your printer says it’s low on ink do you have to run out that day and get a new cartridge? Probably not. I’ve instructed my office teams to give it at least a three day swing before getting a new cartridge simply because it will still print at a high or decent quality.

  3. Too light or too dark copies

    If you print something and can barely read it, that could mean one of two things. Either the toner is going bad or you need to change the density settings on your copier. I keep things at the default level, but everyone’s eyesight is different. Fiddle around with the options to make things clear enough to read.

  4. Faxes aren’t being sent

    Sending an important fax may be the final step in securing a contract, or providing a colleague in another office with important paperwork. What should you do if faxes aren’t going through? The issue could be related directly to your telephone service provider. Try sending a fax to a local number, and if that goes through, try a long distance number. If the long distance fax doesn’t go through, call your phone company so they can have someone check the lines. You don’t to lose money because this communication function is down.

  5. Problems scanning documents

    The office setup we currently have has our scanned documents going to either my manager, myself, or our back office computer. However what if you want to  send a document to HR and it keeps getting kicked back? First you will want to check the ethernet cable to make sure it is securely plugged in. If everything is in place, then you should turn off the machine and try turning it back on. If things still aren’t working, try a modem reset.

I’ve broken and fixed three large copiers while working in various locations throughout Central New York. All of these tips have worked in some combination to get things back up and running so give them a try before giving up!

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