How your company can support working parents

How your company can support working parents

We all know that happy parents are happy workers. This means that it’s in the company’s best interest to support working parents and help them be more productive. An organization that supports working parents benefits from a more loyal, engaged and productive workforce. Every organization can implement solutions for a best work-life balance using effective approaches that are practical, actionable, and deliver results.

Offer flexible scheduling

Many studies show that an organization with flexible working practices has a more committed and motivated workforce. This proves that flexibility is one of the most effective ways to offer support. Parents need to be near their kids, whether it’s taking them to a doctor’s appointment or their football games. If their child is sick, parents may need to work from home.

Flexibility can be provided through flexible working scheduling, or work-from-home arrangements. Either way, the organization’s support will be reflected in the working parent’s productivity.

Care assistance

Many businesses offer on-site daycare. It is a solution to be considered, but if you can’t do that, you may at least consider some type of subsidy for child care assistance. Being one of the largest expenses in a family, a company that offers these kind of benefits inspire loyalty in its workers, and can attract new talent in the work field.

Paid parental leave

It’s important for parents to have time to bond with their children. Most companies have expanded their options regarding parental leave for both moms and dads. An organization that offers paid leave for any parent-employee will have a more loyal workforce.

Consider introducing a paid leave of six months for any employee who’s been working in the company for at least two years, and your efforts will be appreciated and rewarded.. Communicate to your employees what family-friendly benefits your organization offers, so they know what’s available.

Offer onsite advantages

A parent can seem overwhelmed by the demands of everyday life. As an organization that supports working parents, you can find ways to outsource errands. Help employees with children by setting up onsite dry-cleaning, helping with grocery delivery, or maybe even offering car services. Every parent know how hard it is to get all this done during work hours. You can get these services at good prices, as most companies offer a discount for corporate clients.


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