Office management tools that make your workday a breeze

Office management tools that make your workday a breeze

If you’re reading this, chances are you believe your work day whizzes past you too quickly to allow significant work from being done. Most managers know about this too, primarily because there’s an overdose of misdirected information and overload of unstructured data that makes it tough for anyone to organize and prioritize tasks. Thankfully, there’s technology to the rescue.

With free, open source digital technology and customizable digital tools, it becomes easier to organize information, remember important events, monitor progress, communicate quickly, and manage your work more effectively than ever before. Let’s take you through the top applications and tools that can make your workdays more productive.

Cloud storage apps

Why spend money on external storage media, when you have cloud storage options, with better accessibility and scalability?

Dropbox – Leading cloud storage provider

  • Dropbox offers 16 GB of free storage, which is more than the standard 5 GB free trial that most services offer.
  • Storing files and folders, and syncing content from your hard disk to your Dropbox account can be done with consistency and acumen.
  • Sharing a Dropbox file or folder with a colleague as is simple as entering the recipient’s email address.
  • You can even get share-ready links, and paste them in your email messages.
  • Dropbox’s collaboration with MS Word allows you to edit and save documents online, apart from access to features such as revision history, comments, etc.

OneDrive – Ideal for Windows users

  • If your operating system is Windows, OneDrive, comes bundled with the latest Windows OS.
  • Integrated with MS Word and SharePoint, which means you get all features such as viewing and editing documents online, revisions, document collaborations, and so forth.
  • OneDrive used to offer unlimited storage to Office 365 users, though it’s now been capped at 1 TB of space.
  • Collaborating on a document, creating repositories of documents in an organized structure of different folders, and managing a routine exchange of documented information becomes much quicker with OneDrive.

Productivity apps

Use these tools and get more done in less time, which makes your workday less stressful, more productive, and even more fulfilling.

Trello – Intuitive and user friendly project management

  • Here’s an advanced, user friendly project management system, with a visual approach that helps users understand the work better to mitigate any issues.
  • Emulates a Kanban styled approach, where you can create cards or tasks under different lists. When a task is completed, you can simply drag the card, and drop it to the ‘done’ list.
  • You can add attachments, labels, comments, due dates, and checklists to tasks.
  • You can assign multiple people to one task, which makes Trello perfect for managing collaborative tasks.
  • Creating subtasks is easy, and you can set different levels of access privileges for different team members.

Wunderlist – Amazing travel management

  • Checklists have been the dependable task tracker tool for managers for decades. Wunderlist takes it a step forward.
  • Create different project heads, and can add tasks under them.
  • Add due dates, comments, sub tasks, notes, and checklists under each task.
  • Assign these tasks to teammates.
  • In the free version, you have to work with a file size limit of 5 MB and can share the tasks with a maximum of 25 team members.

Calendly – Meetings become a breezy affair

  • Think of Calendly as a Google Calendar extension that helps you organize meetings better and quicker.
  • Quickly scans through your Google Calendar, and that of your teammates, to identify free slots for setting up new meeting invites.
  • Once you create a meeting, the invite goes to all invitees, and the slot is booked automatically on their calendars.

Slack – Manage communications like never before

Ever wondered how much time you spend every day finding old chat messages, waiting for remotely located colleagues to respond to a message, and making sense of half a dozen simultaneous chat sessions with people from marketing, HR, your team, your supervisors and beyond? Try using a unified communication central solution like Slack.

  • Create different channels such as work discussion, specific project deliverable discussion, brainstorming, water-cooler conversations, etc. Add participants within channels when you want.
  • Indulge in multiple one-on-one conversations with colleagues using this system.
  • Slack allows you to share files, quote old messages, refer to old messages, and easily search previous conversations.

Hipmunk – Effective travel planning and management application

Do you need to manage employee travel arrangements? Try out Hipmunk, a cloud powered application that takes the trouble and back-and-forth communication out of travel planning.

  • Import the calendars of teammates or employees whose travel you want to plan.
  • Possible flight and other travel options can be emailed right from the application interface to employees.
  • Relevant people can approve the travel via email, which prevents the mess of back and forth communications.

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