3 Bring your child to work day activities for the last minute planner

3 Bring your child to work day activities for the last minute planner

As parents and professionals, working adults have the ideal opportunity to instill youngsters with a lifelong passion for a career. Take your daughters and sons to work day is an opportunity to show children up close how a real office functions and some of the career paths available. Of course most work environments are busy, and prepping for this event may get lost among other tasks. If you find yourself in this situation, check out these handy bring your child to work day activities that anyone can pull off.

So what mom and dad do here, anyway?

It’s probably the most common question that children ask their parents on bring your child to work day. Satisfy kids’ natural curiosity through a video presentation to keep them engaged. If the company has any promotional videos for sales presentations on hand, these make a fun treat for older kids. Playing them on a loop in the breakroom can save anyone with tour guide duty from having to repeat themselves over and over again with every new batch of kids.

If there are no promotional videos or PowerPoint presentations available, take a few minutes to search YouTube for popular vloggers whose topics are related to the subject of the company’s industry. Opt for one dedicated to explaining your industry in plain terms. Running videos from popular platforms can hold children’s attention and even plant the seeds of interest in a potential career.

Hands on the merch

Another activity for bring your child to work day involves using and inspecting samples of product made by the company. Many offices have little sample packs that vendors hand out at sales conventions or to potential clients. If your company offers samples, give some to the kids and tell them they’re an “executive committee.” Allow the youngsters to play with the promotional materials, and then ask them for their honest feedback. Showing enthusiasm for their responses lets children know their voices are being heard and increases their level of engagement in the process; this is especially so if they feel their input might have a real effect on how things are done. It’s an inexpensive activity because promo packs are already budgeted as giveaways. If there is promotional material the company has received, share that out among the kids, and let them try it out. Kids enjoy items such as pens, pencils, or notepads that they can take home and use as school supplies.

Tying it all together

No matter what they say about school and tests, kids love an opportunity to shine. After they’ve heard any speeches and seen the presentations, allow them to shadow their parent while they work. Near the end of the day, split the children into even teams or have them work as individuals. Take a few index cards and markers and write down the names of the staff on the blank cards and hand them out to the appropriate employees. Next, jot down a brief description of each team member’s basic duties, with one copy of each description handed out to every team. Now the teams have 10 minutes to determine which job assignment fits with which staff member. Hand out colored pencils to the kids to jot down or even draw pictures of their answers on the cards. The combination of physical motion from walking back and forth between staff workstations and reading and matching cards stimulates young brains to retain the information they learn.

Remember that the purpose of bring your child to work day activities is to inspire a young person to find a career where they can thrive. Kids flourish when they’re engaged on multiple levels, including audio/visual, kinetic, and social. These activities are simple to implement, and hosts can come up with their own ideas for making bring your kid to work day a success every year.